Senate Moves Toward Pricing Vote

Liz Benjamin at the Daily Politics is reporting that Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno will call a floor vote on congestion pricing today:

Senators on both sides of aisle have received the heads up that the
majority is preparing to call a vote on congestion pricing, despite the
fact that both Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno and Minority Leader
Malcolm Smith have said they don’t have sufficient votes to pass the

This is a departure for Bruno, who has been trying to pin the blame
for the delay on Bloomberg’s pet project (not to mention its potential
demise) on Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, saying the Senate would not
move forward until Silver’s majority Democratic conference made a

Keep those phone calls coming.

  • Shemp

    NY1 and Daily Politics saying Silver has pulled the plug.

  • Car Free Nation

    Anyone running against Millman this election?

  • Congestion Pricing Is Dead (Updated)

    The end.

    There will be no vote in the Assembly.

    “The conference has decided that they are not prepared to do congestion pricing,” said Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver after emerging from behind closed doors where he was closested with members of his Democratic majority. “I think you can speak to the members of the conferene who have made that determination.”

    “Many of them just don’t believe in the concept,” the speaker continued. “Many of them think this bill is flawed. So an overwhelming majority of the conference that opposes congestion pricing, and for that reason, the congestion pricing bill did not have anywhere near a majority of the Democratic conference, and will not be on the floor of the Assembly.”

    From a personal standpoint, Silver said he is “more inclined to admit we must do something about congestion and this is a plan with some work that could work, but it needs amendments.”

    The mayor’s people have been complaining that Silver has been unavailable to them all weekend. They insisted they were ready to have meetings and at least talk about amending their plan, despite the fact that Bloomberg himself said yesterday that he would accept no more changes.

    Silver referenced Bloomberg’s comments (made in Brooklyn yesterday), saying: “I’ve been speakign to him throughout this process..I don’t believe that there are any amendments, other than total exclusion, that would satisfy the members of this conference.”

    “They made a decision,” Silver said of his members. “If I were making the decision alone, I might have made a different decision.”


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