Keep Hope Alive?

Over at the Daily Politics, Liz Benjamin reports that state leaders are negotiating behind closed doors and congestion pricing is still on the table. City Room is also reporting that Governor Paterson called an emergency meeting and the plan was still under discussion as of 5:45 pm.

Streetsblog readers will recall that congestion pricing looked to be dead and gone last July 17 and then a couple of days later, after the federal deadline had been missed, the mayor’s political people pulled off the deal that created the Congestion Mitigation Commission process. A dig through Streetsblog’s July 2007 archives tells the story.

So, who knows? The state Legislature still has to produce a budget. They still need to address a multi-billion dollar transit deficit. They still want pay raises.

  • gecko

    . . . and, the dark side is . . . well, dark.

  • jmc

    Albany is so democratic and transparent… and so efficiently run!

  • Felix

    The City Room says it’s dead as of 7pm.

  • momos

    Come on Streetsblog, where are you? That headline is nearly 2 hrs old.

    “Yes, it’s Dead (I Think)” – Liz Benjamin @ 6:42pm

    So three of the five men in the room – Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno and Assembly Minority Leader Jim Tedisco – emerged from the leaders meeting to inform reporters that while congestion pricing had indeed come up during their con-fab, no deal was reached.

    Asked whether it’s possible that this could revive before the midnight deadline, Bruno pointed out that both the Senate and the Assembly have adjourned for the evening, making a vote nearly impossible.

  • Shemp

    Here’s a link to the NY Times editorial on the Brennan Center report from a few years ago, in case you needed reminding that our state has the country’s worst state legislature:

  • JF

    Assemblyman Mark S. Weprin, a Queens Democrat, said that in discussing the issue with his colleagues, “the word ‘elitist’ came up a number of times.”

    … as in, “This plan will cut into our elitist system of taxpayer-subsidized roads and bridges for people who can afford cars and parking spaces in Manhattan”?


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