Silver: Fate of Pricing Decided by Monday

Liz Benjamin at the Daily Politics is reporting that Sheldon Silver will direct Assembly Democrats to take action on congestion pricing by Monday, when the window to receive $354 million in federal funds expires. However, Silver would not guarantee that pricing will reach the floor for a full vote, only that a decision will be reached one way or the other.

Benjamin also quoted from a radio interview Silver gave on WCBI AM, during which the Speaker admitted that his district would stand to benefit from pricing:

"I, for one, believe we should do something about congestion; I, for
one, believe congestion is a serious problem," the speaker added. "I
represent a portion of Manhattan that hopefully would be alleviated by
this plan. Notwithstanding that, there are a number of members who
have serious concerns about it."

  • Interesting tidbit that might help with CP and people in Silver’s district should remember depending on the result:

    In addition, at least one of Silver’s two Democratic primary opponents, Paul Newell, has already started to make congestion pricing an issue, calling for the speaker to bring the pay-to-drive measure to the floor and pass it.

    Can SB get an interview on the record with this guy calling Silver out for not being a CP advocate?

  • Ian D

    Love him or hate him, Silver is playing by the “Shelly Rulebook” – as expected.

    Sure I wish he’d be as vocally in favor of the concept as, say, Gov. Paterson seems to be. But he’s negotiating. That’s how he operates and why he’s been able to consolidate power.

    If Shelly’s position was that he was against CP, it would have been dead long ago. Most likely, the CP death certificate would have read “due to unknown causes.” The fact that we’re still talking about it means that Shelly is NOT opposed, per se.

    If I had to put my money on it, he’s already got the mayor’s concessions and is now working behind the scenes to placate the “antis” among fellow Democratic members. He’s not going to come out in favor and then have the rug pulled out by rebellious members. Once he’s got “his people” in a row and passage assured in the Assembly, he’ll announce his support in a most lukewarm manner and the bill will pass. If he can’t get the caucus together, he’ll never announce his position.

  • Spud Spudly

    So right, Ian. I love how the question is whether or not it will come up for a vote and not which way the vote would go.

  • Mark

    I’m encouraged by Silver’s comments, including: “We heard from a number of members yesterday. Obviously, the ones who oppose it were the first to put their names on the list to speak. That’s usually the way it works.”

    It hurts to remember, though, that this is the guy who torpedoed the Moynihan Station plan.

    But as long as there’s hope, I’ll hope.


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