Today’s Headlines

  • Corzine: Pricing Plan Unfair to Jersey (AP, Star-Ledger, Post, NYT)
  • Russianoff: Dedicated Transit Funds Have Never Been Raided (Post)
  • NYT, News Call on Silver to Get Behind Pricing
  • What Council Members Got for Voting Yes (News)
  • Pricing Will Be Hot-Button Issue in 2009 Elections (Daily Politics)
  • Unions Disagree on Pricing (News)
  • DOT to Tackle City’s Most Hazardous Intersections (AMNY)
  • Supreme Court May Hear Atlantic Yards Appeal (Sun, Gowanus Lounge, Post)
  • Truckers Protest Price of Fuel (CBS/AP)
  • British Columbians Driving Less (Vancouver Sun via Planetizen)
  • Larry Littlefield

    The private sector unions, whose members are losing health care and pension benefits and do not have automatic free parking in the CBD, are in favor.

    The public sector unions, who have guaranteed pensions and retiree health care and get guaranteed parking, are opposed. They also oppose universal health care if it would require people like themselves to pay more, or accept some limit on what they get.

    Both types of unions grabbed riches for former members in the 1960s and 1970s, the way executives have since 1980. The unions keep agreeing to offset more for those cashing in and moving out with lower pay and benefits for future workers. The executive grab ensures lower returns for investors.

    The public sector unions force the young workers they have screwed to pay dues, with the assistance of the incumbent politicians those dues keep in office. The executives and their pals on the boards pass rules that prevent proxy fights, and ensure golden parachutes in takeovers.

    The private sector unions are disappearing.

  • Hilary

    My reaction to Corzine’s tantrum was what a helpful bit of stagecraft! What better way to make Albany feel better about NJ’s fury?

  • Dave

    RE: Corzine

    Explain to him that NJ drivers pay the equivalent of $4 each way at the tolls so the additional $4 is fair to total $8 as paid by NY drivers paying an additional $3 at the $5 MTA crossings.

    Also tell him that if Jersey drivers weren’t the worst in the city maybe we’d be more receptive to them. Is it just me or are a lot of Jersey drivers maniacs…overly aggressive and the first to flip the bird.

  • Hizzoner

    The last sentence in the NYT article is a little disconcerting:

    “But Micah Z. Kellner, a Democratic assemblyman who represents the Upper East Side and supports congestion pricing, said there was a growing sense among Assembly members that the congestion plan is foundering. “The mayor has a long way to go in convincing Assembly Democrats,” he said.”

  • As far as news reporting is concerned, every uncertain effort is “foundering” until it becomes unexpectedly, victoriously buoyant—or sinks just like they said it would. Notice that the literal quote is a lot less gloomy than what-they-say-he-said. It’s not news that there is a way to go in convincing those same old fake environmentalists to vote right. The way might have to go as far as booting them out of office later, but I’m still hopeful that enough Dems will see the light this week.