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  • Larry Littlefield

    Good article Mr. Kormanoff.

  • Jen

    You know you’re in a screwy political environment when a 60/40 vote is considered “narrow.”

  • Yeah I was disappointed with the Times write-up, particularly its implication that anything less than unanimity is failure and that Quinn had the council under duress. Geez, can you not have a majority vote by people paid to vote in this city without all the whining? And this obsession with Bloomberg and his legacy: I don’t really care about Bloomberg! I care about congestion pricing, and so do a few writers for the paper. I hope one of them gets the story next time. (It’s oddly buried anyway. Maybe they are planning to run something more thoughtful later today or tomorrow.)

  • Tony Avella was on Brian Lehrer this morning, and said he is filing a FOIL request to see if any unethical persuasion went on behind the scenes during the Mayor’s attempt to pass this bill.

    He also said that if he is elected Mayor next year, he will stop congestion pricing immediately. I assume this goes for Congressman Weiner as well.

  • Ed

    About that 7-Train express/local ID – why is green local and red express? Shouldn’t the faster train be green? Why does the MTA always make things confusing?

    What they really need to work on is finding a better way to distinguish between the three different A-trains, only two of which go to JFK. All day long, non-English speaking people trying to get to the airport end up in Ozone Park late for their flights.

  • I think the express is red b/c red is more eye catching. Riders are more likely to hop off a local for an express not the other way around.

    NY1 has a snap poll on congestion pricing here:

  • Josh

    Wait, there are three A trains and two of them go to JFK? I’m confused, I thought there were two A trains and one of them went to JFK.

    (It’s not like we’re running out of letters, why don’t they give the Lefferts Boulevard A trains and the Rockaway A trains different designations?)

  • Max

    A to Ozone Park
    A to Lefferts Blvd (JFK)
    A to Far Rockaway (JFK)

  • bureaucrat

    I think the Lefferts IS the Ozone Park, and that one doesn’t go to JFK

  • April Fool

    There’s only 3 A trains? No wonder they are so crowded.

  • Ed

    I remember in the 80’s when they had the “Train to the Plane,” and instead of an “A”, it had a little airplane symbol. That was definitely more clear, though still not without confusion.

  • There are three ends to the A train in Queens:

    Lefferts Boulevard in Ozone Park
    Beach 116th Street in Rockaway Park
    Mott Avenue in Far Rockaway

    That said, a lot of the time they don’t go to Rockaway Park; you have to change for the shuttle at Broad Channel.

    Speaking of that area, here’s my commentary on the Brooklyn Eagle article about the wisdom of spending almost a million dollars to replace seven bridges on the Belt Parkway – five of them in Lew Fidler’s district, if I’m not mistaken.

  • Josh

    Ed – You know, all it would take would be to put that little airplane symbol on trains that go to Howard Beach and everything would be much clearer.

    Cap’n Transit – I like the idea to extend the 2 train to Kings Plaza but wouldn’t it cost piles and piles of money?

  • Cap’n Transit – I like the idea to extend the 2 train to Kings Plaza but wouldn’t it cost piles and piles of money?

    The main question is, would it cost less than $850 million? Assuming that that $850 million figure is current; construction costs have been rising precipitously.