NY1 Poll: How do You Want Your Legislator to Vote?

Beneath an ad banner hawking the BMW X5 sports ute ("with an optional third row seat!"), the NY1 web site is running a congestion pricing Snap Poll that asks, "How would like your state lawmakers to vote on congestion pricing?" Vote right here.

Also Partnership for New York president Kathy Wylde is on NY1 tonight with Westchester Assemblyman Richard Brodsky. It should be a good show.

  • Ha ha–the poll is currently 91% in favor of CP.

  • 92% in favor after my vote. Too bad they don’t tell you how many votes so far.

  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    There are polls that follow established scientific guidelines for sampling and data collection – and even those can be influenced, as we saw with the Quinnipiac poll.

    These online polls are in another league altogether. There’s nothing stopping people from voting multiple times and no guarantee that the people voting come from a particular area, or even a particular country. The most they can tell you is that someone felt strongly enough to click that radio button.

  • niccolo machiavelli

    I always find ny1 cynical criticism and commentary on mta issues, particularly but not limited to fare and service issues, delightfully humorous. Its the fucking cable company for christsakes! Schiumo has been pushing an anti cp line on his call in show and to no big surprise his “polls” usually agree. Imagine an ideal world where the mta was run with all the private sector efficiecies as time-warner cable! “we’ll have a cable guy come by to fix your train sometime a week from tommorrow between 10am and 2pm.”


NY1 Snap Poll: How to Make NYC Safer For Cyclists?

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Times Poll Finds 20 Council Members Against Pricing

Last week the New York Times conducted an informal survey of City Council member positions on congestion pricing. The poll found that 12 members are currently in favor, 20 are opposed, and 11 are undecided. Eight members did not respond. The "opposed" list is comprised completely of council members from boroughs other than Manhattan, with […]

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