Today’s Headlines

  • Pricing Bill Amended; Now Includes PA Deal and Some Exemptions (Daily Politics)
  • Silver Critical of Changes; Wants Budget in Place Before Pricing Vote (Post)
  • Budget and Pricing Could Be Resolved Faster Than Expected (NYT)
  • Paterson Proposes $60M in Cuts to MTA Operating Budget (Post, AMNY, News)
  • Fidler Says the ‘Nays’ Prevail in City Council, But for How Long? (Daily Politics)
  • NYT Profiles New Yorkers Hooked on Driving
  • Silver: ‘I Do Not Understand Need’ for Pedestrian Islands (Post)
  • Judges Not Only Ones Grabbing Free Spots in Brooklyn Park (News)
  • City Eyes Upper West Side for Performance-Based Parking Pilot (NYT)
  • Stalled Atlantic Yards Towers May Turn Into Huge Parking Lot (Metro)
  • New Haven Plan Would ‘Boulevardize’ Post-War Highway (MTR via GGW)
  • JF

    From the Post article in the second link:

    Silver, speaking on New York 1 last night, criticized the amendments, saying they failed to address concerns of many of his members.

    Here’s the NY1 story they refer to:

    “I don’t think it addresses the issues that are before us, like those people that cross the Hudson, either coming from New Jersey or Rockland,” said State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. “The statement is, you don’t contribute to congestion. It’s only Brooklyn and Queens and the Bronx we’re asking to pay, not the others. That’s one of the major issues here.”

    Okay, Mr. Speaker, what statement does the current situation make? “You people in Brooklyn and Queens and the Bronx don’t contribute to bridge wear and tear. It’s only New Jersey and Rockland we’re asking to pay, not the others.”

  • Jeep

    Silver is scum. Filthy, cynical scum, an embarrassment to New York, and a detriment to future generations of New Yorkers. I won’t shed a tear the day he dies, just hope that his position at the Kremlin is inherited by a more enlightened despot.

  • Larry Littlefield

    (Silver is scum. Filthy, cynical scum, an embarrassment to New York, and a detriment to future generations of New Yorkers.)

    Right. But so are the rest of them. And those who have benefitted from what they have done, ot caring about the effect on others. But try not to get too upset now. Wait until the real state budget is unveiled after the election, and you are forced to pay higher taxes and fares as services collapse.

    It is now too late to stop the effects of what they have already done. Everyone can only ask themself what they did in the past to try to stop it. My conscience is clear.

    I can only hope my children will be able to complete high school, albeit with no activities and few if any electives. And teach them to ride bicycles, so they can get around.

  • Hizzoner

    Honestly, the fact that Bloomberg has been able to do as much as he has to keep New York a decent and in some ways still world-class city is most striking in light of the fact that Silver and the New York State government are malignantly incompetent.

    New York City has pretty much succeeded in spite of everything that has come out of Albany in the past decade. Were it not so fortunate to have good leadership, such a large size, and the prestige to draw corporations and skilled workers in light of its high taxes and cost of living, it would have gone the way of Buffalo long ago.

  • Larry Littlefield

    (Silver and the New York State government are malignantly incompetent.)

    Malignant yes. Incompetent, no. They have accomplished their objectives, benefitted those who matter, and stayed in office despite the harm they have done to others.

    And once they are gone, their pensions and retiree health care will be paid even if everything else collapses, as long as they can appoint their relatives or former staff members to replace them.

  • Silver Dollar

    Who’s going to run against Silver?! Now he’s against pedestrian islands for seniors too. We deserve better.

  • Mark

    Silver never fails to generate new surprises. Now he’s against elderly people getting safely across the street. An opposing candidate should be able to make hay with that.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Let me tell you, at this point my preferred scenario is to have CP passed by the Council and not passed by the legislature. Why?

    Because it isn’t nearly enough to offset the accumulated damage of past debts and favors. So I don’t want them to be able to pass it, cut off other money for the MTA, and then say “see we did the right thing so now none of it is our fault.”

    Which is the only reason CP might pass.

  • Davis

    Shelly’s objection to the pedestrian islands on Grand Street tells you just about everything you need to know about this guy and Albany.

    Here he prioritizes traffic flow above the safety of elderly people crossing the street. And yet the pedestrian islands don’t have any negative impact on traffic flow at all! Zero. None. These are vile, unnecessary objections to a fantasy problem.

    Welcome to the culture of Albany and Community Boards.

  • Josh

    Yes Larry, we know, you’ve told us that like eight other times.

  • Dave H.

    Mayor DeStefano’s plan to take down Route 34 in New Haven is truly visionary and laudable. However, I fail to understand why the City doesn’t spend more time and money on easier, smaller improvements to the walkability and bicycle-friendliness of New Haven: despite having a very high number of bicyclists, the City has only 4 miles of bicycle lanes (as recently reported in the New Haven Register