Today’s Headlines

  • Bronx Assemblyman Seeks to Clear Path for Congestion Pricing (Daily Politics)
  • Horse Trading Ramps Up in City Council (Sun)
  • News Endorses Pricing, While Columnist Regurgitates Brodsky’s Line
  • Brooklyn Community Board 7 Votes Against Pricing and RPP (Gowanus Lounge)
  • Member of Bronx Community Board 8 Rejects Parking Permits Too (R’dale Press)
  • Economic Downturn Casts Doubt on Future of Atlantic Yards (NYT)
  • Selection of Hudson Yards Developer Delayed (Sun)
  • More on the Protest Against Park-Hogging Brooklyn Judges (News)
  • Cabbies Say They Need to Use Cell Phones for Their Safety (AMNY)
  • Suffolk County Exec: ‘Roadway Expansion Is Absolutely Necessary’ (MTR)
  • How Much CO2 Does Transit Keep Out of the Air? (NARP Blog)
  • Jen

    That Daily News column is outrageously manipulative. I would think Brodsky himself had written it, but it’s too over-the-top, even for him.

  • Dave

    As I expected, the first CB has rejected both CP and RPP for reasons that are both selfish (how do we get our fair share of CP revenues) and reflective of the ignorance of the CB members about how RPP will work.

    RPP is too novel an idea to leave it to the NIMBY-types in the CB’s. Mike, admit you made a mistake and centralize RPP with consistent boundaries across the entire city and consistent rules.

    As RPP stands now it will go nowhere and do nothing to help CP pass.

  • ddartley

    I think cabbies should be allowed to use hands-free cell phones.

    If the T&LC’s claim–that passengers say cabbies’ use of hands-free cell phones makes them feel unsafe–is true, it’s astounding.

    That must mean that fewer passengers complain about high-speed and careless driving by cabbies than those who complain about cell phone use. If that’s true, then passengers are hardly as worried about safety as they’re worried about the other sentiment mentioned in the AMNY piece, feeling “unattended-to.”

  • A Resident

    It is smart to have RPP as an opt in program. Most CBs will eventually choose to opt in. RPP is important only in that it allows for sensible meter rates on nearby commercial and arterial streets.

  • Spud Spudly

    If anything could make me support CP it’s a Juan Gonzalez column against it. That guy is sleaze, pure and simple.

  • Komanoff

    Gonzalez wrote: “Meanwhile, a black car limousine that takes some Wall Street executive to work in the morning will pay only $1 extra for driving into the congestion zone.” Is that correct? If so, what’s the admin mechanism for distinguishing a limo or black car from a regular car? If not, can someone document (granted that proving a negative can be difficult)?

  • Dave H.

    That NARP blog article could really use some citations or indications of how the calculations were made. As it is, it’s just Kool-aid.

  • Larry Littlefield

    On Prince Street

    “If D.O.T goes ahead with this, there will be civil disobedience,” said Sweeney. “It is very easy to rip No Parking signs and dismantle the barricades.”

    Sounds like something that can cut both ways. As I said, Soho is a place where the rules are irrelevant.

  • Davis

    What morons this small group of SoHo apartment owners are.

    Thanks goodness the DOT doesn’t actually have to listen to Community Boards.

  • Heffron

    Vandalism isn’t civil disobedience, it’s just disobedience.

  • Human Barricades

    The angry Sweeny-ites in SoHo can move the barricades out of the street. So what. There will be 2000 people walking down the street. They will not be very inclined to give their legal, city permitted, right of way up so twenty motorists can turn the ped street into another traffic jammed, honk hole. Sean and Co. seem unable to understand all they are defending is a totally broken system which benefits few and harms many. Did they wake up yesterday and find out they are at the center of a 25 million person metro area, in a city which is a global tourist attraction?

  • MoFo

    Davis – I doubt you were singing that tune when Weinshall was commissioner!

  • Davis

    Indeed, MoFo, right you are.

  • Ombud

    Limos and black cars have TLC plates that will I presume will be photographed. Perhaps they will also eventually have GPS equipment like yellow cabs. Obviously it costs the passenger/client something to travel by black car in the first place.

  • Felix

    Juan Gonzalez is the laziest columnist in the city. Even when i agree with his positions, which is often, it’s easy to see that his columns are simply recycled press releases. Clearly, he didn’t do his homework on CP.