Today’s Headlines

  • Rally for Congestion Pricing at Albany Today (Sun)
  • Post Says Pricing Odds Are Long
  • The Bush Admin’s Pursuit of Road Pricing (WaPo)
  • Pace of Reducing Car Emissions Slow to Pick Up (WSJ)
  • Minnesota Bridge Was Carrying 99 Tons of Sand at Time of Collapse (NYT)
  • Community Board Plans Would Gain Clout Under New Bill (TRE)
  • Bus Service May Extend to Brooklyn Bridge Park (Bklyn Paper)
  • MTA’s Trip Planner Website Wins Award (CIty Room)
  • The WaPo article is entitled “Letting the Market Drive Transportation” … ok, but first let’s take away the trillion-dollar carbon-auto subsidy. Congestion pricing is just a last ditch effort to save an unsustainable system.