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  • Larry Littlefield

    Of Governor Patterson, Brodsky says he is likely to be against “taxes, fees and tolls on the middle class.”

    We knew the middle class was shrinking, but we didn’t know how much. It has shrunk to 142,000, the number of people with parking placards. Everyone else is either rich or, more likely, poor.

    Brodsky says he is against the rich. But like the rest of the political class, he has gone along with deal after deal to enrich the placard class and the rich at the expense of the poor.

  • Larry Littlefield
  • Mark

    “A lot of commentators are complaining that if this were France, nobody would care about the governor’s sexual adventures. This is not France.” — James Howard Kunstler

    How I wish this were France.

  • anonymous

    The more I hear about Paterson, the more I like him. He’s quite right to be opposed to eminent domain in the Kelo v. New London sense, because that’s one of the worst possible uses of eminent domain, and not just because it takes people’s land for the enrichment of developers. Its main purpose is to allow developers to assemble huge parcels of land in inner cities and build huge monolithic projects, which transforms a fine-grained and diverse cityscape into essentially the urban version of a subdivision and/or shopping mall. Do you think there’d be quite as much controversy if Atlantic Yards were just a single tower at Flatbush/Atlantic, rather than the huge monstrosity that it is?

  • Felix

    The Daily News today reported that Patterson’s inner circle contains some CP supporters.