Today’s Headlines

  • Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV Charged With DWI (News, Post, NYT)
  • NYT: Crack Down on Placard Abuse Now
  • Sander Pleas for MTA Funds, Catches Flak from Brodsky (NY1, Metro)
  • Lew Fidler Has a Bone to Pick With Downtown Brooklyn Partnership (News)
  • Queens Councilman Wants Free Parking for Hybrids (Post)
  • MTA Launching Text Message Service Alerts Soon (AMNY)
  • Survey Says New Yorkers Take Climate Change Seriously (City Room)
  • End of Oil Age Within Sight (NYT)
  • Delayed Ruling on Yards Case Deals Setback to Ratner (Bklyn Paper)
  • San Francisco Settles Traffic Death Lawsuit for $21M (SF Gate)
  • Larry Littlefield

    Brodsky thinks there is no choice but to raise taxes instead of congestion pricing.

    But the truth is, because of what his generation has done to those coming after, there is no choice but to raise taxes, impose congestion pricing, and accept lower services and benefits.

    The only other alternative is to not pay back our debts, and not pay the promised pensions and retiree health care thatn future generations will never get. Bankruptcy is an option that should be on the table. Brodsky, Spitzer, Silver, Bruno et al have finally convinced me that responsible and fair-minded people are losers and fools.

  • ddartley

    I’ll take the obvious remarks today:

    Hiram Monserrate, here’s a newsflash: Hybrids are only slightly better for the environment than regular cars, which are terrible for the environment, so it’s not saying much. Cars do more damage than just produce greenhouse gases. Traffic itself causes lots of other problems. We have to stop incentivizing ALL driving into town, not encourage more people to drive in.

    You want to cut people a break? Write a bill that incentivizes transit use, walking, and cycling. I mean how ffing obvious? Hey, Lew, if you’re reading, pass this on to your colleague.

  • Jason

    Saw this:

    But I didn’t see anything on Streetsblog…

  • vnm

    Perhaps a minor point, but Sander’s plea and Brodsky’s flak actually took place in Midtown, not Albany.

  • mike

    Free parking for hybrids? Oh man, is that a terrible idea. Only encourages more driving.

  • Ben Fried

    Thanks vnm. Amended.

  • ddartley

    Daily News reports no charges were filed in Jennifer McNamara’s death (Jason’s comment #3), nor in another truck-on-ped death only blocks and minutes apart.

  • Gary

    Re: Delayed Ruling on Yards Case Deals Setback to Ratner

    Now is the time to cut a deal: get some concessions on the scale of the project in exchange for dropping the appeal!

  • Spud Spudly

    Whether the issue is free parking or use of car pool lanes or whatever, it’s disturbing that so many people seem to think a “hybrid” car is automatically cleaner than other cars. Honda made a V6 hybrid Accord for a while that got virtually the same gas mileage as a regular Accord. Large hybrid cars and SUVs are still way more polluting than a regular Corolla or Civic. Under this bill, a guy driving a hybrid Chevy Tahoe can get free parking for his three-ton 15 MPG monstrosity while someone driving a 38 MPG Corolla does not.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Wherever the state legislators are, it’s Albany. I felt the chill sitting at my desk, as they were around the corner.

    (Perhaps a minor point, but Sander’s plea and Brodsky’s flak actually took place in Midtown, not Albany.)

  • Josh

    The fact that there are so rarely charges filed in car-on-pedestrian deaths continues to sicken me. Sadly, it doesn’t shock me anymore.

  • Missing in the story about the death of four-year-old Elizabeth Dominguez (“San Francisco Settles Traffic Death Lawsuit for $21M”), crushed on the sidewalk by a truck, is any history of the community’s earlier efforts to make the street where she was killed safer. Residents and parents at her school had long asked for better signals and crosswalks and other traffic calming measures there. The City stalled. After Elizabeth’s death and a continued push for changes, the street was finally reconfigured to reduce car traffic lanes, add medians and bike lanes, and upgrade signals and crosswalks. No one can say whether the death of a little girl would have been avoided had the City responded earlier, but the community’s dogged efforts may have prevented more such tragedies.

  • Ace

    What if cars have to come to a complete stop before making any turn? This is particularly important late and early. I can’t count the number of times a vehicle making a turn speeds through the crosswalk in front of me as I am crossing with the light.

  • Hilary

    At 1:15 you can tune in to the Leonard Lopate Show on National Public Radio and listen to Tim Davis, lead historian with the National Parks Service, talk about parkways and why they are different from highways.

  • ddartley

    Josh @11, well, I e-mailed Dan Abrams asking if he’d say something about it on his show tonight when he talks about Ms. McNamara. Don’t know if he’ll want to do anything but focus on her, but I figured I’d try.