Today’s Headlines

  • Fare Hike, the Day After (Post, AMNY, News, Metro, NY1)
  • News: Prevent Fare Hikes; Enact Congestion Pricing
  • Congestion Pricing Is Good For Your Health (City Fix)
  • Service Enhancements on Track Despite MTA Budget Crunch (News, Post, Metro)
  • Sander to Deliver First State-of-the-MTA Address Today (AMNY)
  • 2nd Ave Sagas Grades the Subway System
  • Ferry Ad Campaign Looks to Convert Car and Rail Commuters (Post)
  • NYT: Biofuel Subsidies Wasteful; Tax Credits for Oil Companies, Too
  • Memoir of an Alleycat Organizer (NYT)
  • Deadly Sunday on City Streets (Sun)
  • British Driver Sentenced For Texting During Fatal Bike Crash (BBC News)
  • Spud Spudly

    How about this one, from last week:

    And why exactly would the Assembly Dems support any Bloomberg plan while he’s writing fat checks to help the GOP retain the Senate?

  • JF

    I don’t know, Spud. Why would the Assembly Dems withhold party support from Democratic candidates who want to challenge those Republican Senators?

  • Larry Littlefield

    Spitzer’s plan to find someone else to blame for what is coming to our transportation system:

    “The MTA proposal requires equitable cost sharing. I have already committed to $300 million annually starting in 2010…In Washington, DC this past weekend I joined other Governors from around the country to press for more federal attention to the infrastructure needs of this nation. We urged Washington to take responsibility and increase funding for rebuilding our transportation infrastructure. Let me say again that the federal government must recognize its role in funding the infrastructure needs of this state.”

    Of the $30 billion the MTA says it needs to not finish the long-promised major investments and engage in deferred maintenance (see my Room 8 post), the only real money is $8.1 billion from the federal government. Everything else is debt or not there.

    So the plan is to blame the federal government for the collapse of the transit system.

  • Josh

    TEXTING! Lovely.