Today’s Headlines

  • Weiner: Middle Class Good, Congestion Pricing Bad (City Room, Sun)
  • CB 2 Comes Out for Pricing, Parking Permits, Verrazano Tolls (Bklyn Eagle
  • Colorado Pol Turns to Public With Congestion ‘Wiki Bill’ (KUSA)
  • MTA to Release $28B Capital Plan (News
  • Transit Workers Brace for Fare Hike Backlash (AMNY)
  • Subway Crime Down, Arrests Up in Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens (News) 
  • PATH Centennial Marked With Little Fanfare (NYT)
  • Woman Upset Over Deceased Father’s Ticket (News
  • I’m not sure that Weiner’s a middle class messaging about “political naïveté” and New York’s “innovative ethos” is going to resonate so well. He’s asking people to be daft and sophisticated at the same time. I mean, I’m in the middle class and I’m comfortable with that fancy talk, but I’m also able to see that putting a price on congestion and pollution is a boon for the city’s middle class, the vast majority of which take public transportation to work. This is why we New Yorkers have a much smaller carbon footprint than the average American, and we should be proud of it. Furthermore, if you care about the poor they’re served spectacularly by increased funding for transit that comes from a compensatory use fee for pollution-emitting vehicles they can’t possibly afford.

    (Is there really no Democratic candidate with the gumption to take up this line? You’d have my primary vote, ten times over.)

  • Last night at the Upper East Side sustainability Summit, someone mentioned a restaurant near 160 East 61st Street that has a stretch limo idling outside so that patrons can smoke in a temperature controlled, sheltered place. the tipster said it is typically there in the evenings on weekends. Any intrepid Streetsbloggers want to investigate this?

  • anon

    I think that must be illegal as it jeopardizing the chauffeur’s health. Not to mention violating the 3-minute idling law.