Today’s Headlines

  • Liu: Transit Lock Box "Must Be Ironclad" (News)
  • Anti-Pricing Lobby Zeroes in on City Council (Daily Politics)
  • Gentile’s Position on Pricing Hinges on Ferry Service Quid-Pro-Quo (City Hall)
  • Villager: "Drive Traffic Pricing Across Finish Line"
  • New Subway Fares Expected to Confuse Straphangers  (AMNY)
  • Bus/HOV Lane on SI-Bound BQE Not Worth the Cost, Says MTA (SI Advance)
  • Gas Truck Crashes on Tappan Zee, Spills Diesel Into Hudson (AP)
  • Traffic Counts in Atlantic Yards EIS Have Glaring Omission (AYR)
  • How Federal Policy Favors Highways Over Transit (Politico via Planetizen)
  • China Spending Huge Sums on Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (Economist)
  • jmc

    I can’t believe that the MetroCard bonus is going down and the monthly card is going up, all to preserve a mythical $2 fare that no New Yorker actually pays. All of the major politicians should be ashamed of themselves for sticking it to residents at the expense of tourists.

    $1.50 on the MetroCard is a huge pain in the butt, it’s why I hate taking the PATH.

  • Jonathan

    ‘578 miles of waterfront,’ says Councilman Gentile. He touts the 69th St pier and the money he’s gotten to make it ferry-ready, but the pier is still 4/5 mile (a 16-minute walk) from the subway on 4th Avenue, and the buses (B1 and B9) don’t even have a place to turn around there, which means extra hassle for ferry-bus transfers.

    Plus, it’s still a 20-minute ferry ride; the R train from Bay Ridge Ave & 4th Ave is scheduled to take 33 minutes to City Hall. Nice if you work at World Financial Center or one of the big buildings on Water Street downtown; once you have to go further inland the ferry starts to take more time.

    It’s a bone for the people who live near there but I don’t think it does anything for the majority of Brooklynites.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “all to preserve a mythical $2 fare that no New Yorker actually pays.”

    Funny, but I didn’t hear the Straphangers and all the people objecting to fare hikes saying that the current fare is actually $1.29, way, way down from a decade ago with free transfers added for those in the congestion pricing complaint zone. I heard them saying the fare was $2, and too high.

    A bunch of deceitful propaganda was called. That’s what happened. In fact, I advocated eliminating the unlimited cards, eliminating the purchase bonus, cutting the fare to $1.50, and cutting the service to 1995 levels.

    Then putting things back if and when people were prepared to admit that they existed.

  • Niccolo Machiavelli

    Actually Larry, I think the number was $1.299. There you go again, overstating the case.