Today’s Headlines

  • Hilary

    Working the polls yesterday, I had a chance to have a conversation with the police officer about driving (not placards). She said she had a free metro card, but didn’t use it because it provides a record of when she was where. In or out of uniform, cops are required to get involved if they see anything happen, she said so they avoid it by driving. She spent her hour break sitting in her car.
    It sounded ridiculous to me, but there it is. It suggests that driving privileges should be made equally trackable as transit – e.g, in the placards.

  • Jonathan

    Hilary, interesting point. But your new friend’s metrocard only records her entry into the transit system, not where she goes once inside. I’m not in law-enforcement, but it seems entirely possible that she could be on the mezzanine, unaware, while some kind of incident was taking place on the platform.

  • Josh

    I’m more bothered by the fact that this police officer goes out of her way to avoid “get[ting] involved”, i.e. helping people if need be, i.e. doing her job.

  • ddartley

    Whitney Stump, the “homemade crosswalk” guy, deserves praise because his “homemade traffic calming” will not damage a vehicle or, more importantly, dangerously throw it off course, unlike other possible “homemade traffic calming” designs might.

  • Josh

    Also: Why does it take a month to paint a subway station?

  • Niccolo Machiavelli

    Because they give the job to the lowest bidder Josh.