Today’s Headlines

  • MTA Wants Equity in Hudson Yards Development (Curbed
  • Transit Tech Woes Continue: Bus Arrival Signs on Hold (Second Ave Sagas
  • Anti-Pricing Commission Member Too Busy to Vote (Daily Politics)
  • City Receives "Bike Friendly" Award (AMNY)
  • Clinton Fans Hold Car Rally in Upper Manhattan (City Room
  • Riverdale Ferry Won’t Work, Says Boater (R’dale Press
  • Queens Neighbors Split Over Parking Lot Dispute (News
  • Speed Hump Controversy in Prospect Lefferts Gardens (Hawthorne St
  • NYPD Confiscating DKNY Ghost Bike Clones (BikeBlog
  • Driver Jokes About Killing Cyclist, Gets 10+ Years (CNN
  • Larry Littlefield

    Something tells me that joking phone call would make a great public service announcement.

  • The Clinton Caravan in Washington Heights? That’s funny. This morning on my bike ride in, I passed by a bunch of people walking around the GW Bridge with Latinos for Obama signs.

  • JF

    One of the drivers, Hamilton Bonilla, 35, said that gasoline had started to reach $4 a gallon, that it cost him $70 to fill his tank recently and that a standard bag of groceries cost him $23. “The problem is everything is more expensive, but you’re making the same,” he said.

    … and we’re so happy that this caravan is wasting gas and driving up the price (and putting more smog in the Washington Heights air) … for Hillary!

  • Josh

    I think there’s a difference between a “car rally” and a rally that uses cars. “Car rally” implies that they were rallying in support of cars or against congestion pricing or something like that.

  • momos

    Re: Anti-Pricing Commission Member Too Busy to Vote

    This is just so typical of the behavior of people on the two sides of the congestion pricing issue.

    A progressive public policy expert realizes she can’t make it to the commission to cast her vote, so she plans ahead and sends a letter asking that she be counted as a “yes.”

    A Queens Democrat, who takes money from garage owners and says congestion pricing will hurt most people who live paycheck to paycheck (you know, the ones driving BMWs through SoHo), doesn’t show up to the meeting at all. No letter, no email, no phone call. Fellow commission members delay the proceedings by 15 minutes in case she’s late. She never shows. Nobody hears from her until the Daily News calls her the next day to follow up.

    She says it doesn’t matter that she didn’t take her job seriously, because she’ll just kill the plan with her fellow Assembly members in Albany.

    That’s civic responsibility for ya.

  • ddartley

    The CNN Story about the DUI homicide:

    Remember when the murder charge for the driver who killed the flower girl after a wedding was new and controversial?

    How controversial should it really be to charge someone with murder if–while their license is suspected for a PRIOR DUI, they kill someone? It’s three crimes in one right off the bat; how does it not amount to a murder charge?

    Oops! Accident! (while I’d been ordered not to drive at all) Sorry!!

    Want safer roads? Ban seatbelts.

  • Dan

    I went to most of the Commission hearings and got to watch Vivian Cook in action, close up and personal. She made zero effort to engage or understand anything that was happening around her. Her performance was a truly sad display. Her constituents are ill-served.

  • Even better is the quote at the end of the Car Caravan for Hillary post on City Room:

    Juan Fermin, 48, another driver, agreed, saying, “When Democrats are in power the economy is better.” Looking out at the street, he said, “Right now there isn’t any traffic. And when there isn’t any traffic that means the economy is bad because people don’t go out.”

    Better Economy = Cars = Traffic is not the economic model we should be striving for….Hillary should let Mr. Fermin know about how she’ll help create green collar jobs in the neighborhood…

  • momos

    Re: Vivan Cook


    “She made zero effort to engage or understand anything that was happening around her. Her performance was a truly sad display.”

    In addition to much of the Queens delegation this also aptly describes the alleged occupant of the White House (who is busy setting records for vacation time).

    So depressing. Almost comically depressing, if it wasn’t further evidence of the disinterest and narrow imagination of our political leaders, and therefore the complacency of the public.