Today’s Headlines

  • Commission to Unveil Final Congestion Pricing Plan Today… (Post, Sun, AP)
  • …Assembly Dems Don’t Like Proposal, But ‘They Can Be Dealt With’ (News, NYT)
  • Budget Constraints Will Slow, Not Stop, Major MTA Projects (AM)
  • Public Park May Take Shape at Fulton Street During Transit Center Delays (News)
  • NYC Transit: Concrete Station Floors Get Much Dirtier Than Tile (News, AP)
  • MTA Board Tinkers With Metrocard Bonuses (Newsday)
  • Gridlock Sam: ‘Don’t Even THINK About Parking Here’ Not a Joke (News)
  • Downtown Richmond Debates One-Way Vs. Two-Way Streets (Urban Richmond)
  • National Retailer Pledges $15,000 Grants to Bike Advocates (Bike Commute Tips)
  • Beijing Ready to Order Cars Off the Road For Olympics (NPR)
  • JF

    “There was considerable opposition” said Hakeem Jeffries, an assemblyman from Brooklyn who attended part of the meeting. “Not to the notion of doing something, to dealing with congestion or even to congestion pricing. But there’s opposition to the way it has been presented and developed so far.”

    Ah yes, when you can’t think of a principled reason for opposition, retreat into procedural opposition.

    And while drivers who pay tolls on bridges and tunnels within New York City, like the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge or the Midtown Tunnel, would also receive a credit, Mr. Jeffries said he was concerned about the many city drivers who currently pay no toll by using the free crossings over the East River. Those drivers, he said, most of them city residents, would feel the greatest impact from the charge.

    So basically, even though having “free” bridges was a dumb idea from the start, and it’s inherently unfair, Jeffries says that we can’t change it because that would be unfair. Never mind that motorists from New Jersey have been paying tolls for years; they should pay more because … well, because it’s fair for them to pay more!

    This guy is a total disappointment. He represents one of the poorest districts in the city. 68% of the households in his district do not own cars. 2.2% of his constituents drive solo into Manhattan on weekdays. Two point two percent! Meanwhile his constituents choke on car fumes, the buses through his district crawl along stuck in traffic, and the subways will be cut back from lack of funding. What a crusader for justice!

  • Hilary Kitasei

    Bravo to Chicago’s bike advocates for their plan to use the city’s parkways for bike events! The Bronx River Parkway in Westchester has been used for the same purpose for years now, as have parkways in Minneapolis and Boston.

    “With a goal of “transforming communities by invigorating their lifelines—their streets—every weekend from June through October,” Sunday Parkways promises to dramatically increase ridership in the city of Chicago by creating a car-free community celebration that other U.S. cities can adopt.”

    How about New York – the city whose parkways were models for all of these others?

  • Interesting story on Red Light Cameras:

    Ohio Supreme Court rules red-light cameras are legal

  • Josh

    I’m confused to Assemblyman Jeffries’ opposition to the idea of increasing the cost to use the “free” bridges relative to that of the currently tolled crossings. He represents my area, which INCLUDES the approaches to the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, so it would make more sense for him to want to encourage plans that would route traffic away from those bridges.

  • Larry Littlefield

    How much interest is being paid on the money used to renovate those “free” bridges? Who is paying it?

    The answer to the question is those paying higher taxes than they otherwise would, or those not getting services they otherwise would.

    Elected officials never understand the difference between affordability and sticking someone else with the bill. Or at least they never admit they do to the someone else.