Badda Bing! NYPD “Taking Care of” New Parking Placards

A commenter on noticed that Mayor Bloomberg’s attempt to reign in parking permit abuse is already being met with some good old-fashioned NYPD blowback:

Posted on Fri, Jan 25 2008 at 10:49 PM

Found on the Rant: "The new placards are slowly circulating to individual mos and all that has changed is the addition of small lettering stating "IF YOU SEE THIS CAR PARKED ILLEGALLY CALL 311". If this is the best the feeble mayor can do to piss the PBA off then he is ill prepared. This is nothing that 2 generic PBA Cards (the ones that say PBA where the shield number should be) can’t solve. Just place one over each area on the placard that advertises your command and BADDA BING, 311 is nullified. If on the off chance that a summons is issued just visit the delegate of the issuing command and have him pull the summons. CASE CLOSED!

Interesting side note: Dad got his newly minted placard before I did and he has been retired over 2 yrs. So much for the mayor’s new rules. Cops taking care of cops; now thats the way it should be."

Mere mortals, meanwhile, are reminded that DOT continues its series of public workshops (tonight in Queens and tomorrow in Brooklyn) to address parking in neighborhoods that may be affected by congestion pricing. One non-car owner can make a big difference at these workshops. Please check the calendar for more information.

Photo of NYPD "Sidewalk Nibbler" via Uncivil Servants 


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