Today’s Headlines

  • Just When You Thought It Was Winter… (Post
  • City Set Energy Consumption Record in ’07 (Post)
  • Stockholm Builders Harness Commuter Body Heat (AFP)
  • Another Call for Bridge Tolls as ‘Simpler’ Congestion Fix (Gotham Gazette)
  • MTA Previews Capital Plan (AMNY
  • Queens Leads City in Parking Tickets (News
  • Bronxites Prefer Parking Lot to New Neighbors (News
  • Co-op City Survives ‘Parking Crisis’ (News
  • Fear of Bridges Keeps Some Drivers at Home (NYT)
  • Paris Starts Electric Car Sharing Program (Times)
  • Ford Hoping Indians Will Buy Fords (NYT)
  • Jonathan

    So NY State will drive you across the Tappan Zee Bridge (in your own car, natch) if you’re scared of bridges, but they won’t offer a bike shuttle? Apparently all that utilitarianism stuff (the greatest good for the greatest number, etc.) I learned in college goes by the wayside when there are frightened drivers to assist.

  • Hilary

    Nor will they allow you to hitchhike a ride over (important for hikers en route to the Appalachian Trail)…

  • The MTA previewed that capital campaign in November at the public engagement workshop. It’s good to see that amNew York is so on top of the news.

  • steveo

    The S.I. article is pretty goofy in that it pretends like the only way off the island is by car.

    Tell that to all the people who commute on the boats.

    Tell that to the 18% of Staten Island households that don’t have a car (!

  • steveo

    Uh, I mean the bridge article, which heavily features SI.