Nature’s Traffic Count

Hudson River Greenway near 125th Street.

Photographer Lars Klove writes, "I’ve always wondered how many people are riding their bicycles to work. This
morning the pavement had a thin layer of moisture that counted the bicycles."

  • curmudgeon

    Hey, I can see mine! It’s right there, 28th from the left. I recognize the tread pattern, and the little issue with my un-true wheel.

  • Jonathan

    You should get that rear wheel fixed, Curmudgeon, before its diminished braking ability causes an accident with a motorist. Be your own safety advocate!

  • Harry Hood

    Thanks for sharing the fantastic picture Lars. Observational research is a cornerstone of good urban design. The trace elements you recorded are not only a living phenomena they are a reminder that we bicycle commuters are not alone or insignificant. While the horns, idling and jockeying of automobile congestion creates a constant reminder of their insolvency, the growing legions of bicycle commuters tread lightly and quietly on our fair city.

  • hmph

    yup, harry, and, to merely underscore your statement, leave such a small environmmental footprint!

  • Bill

    Now if we could just get rid of those four-wheeled things over on the left.

  • Matt H

    Heh — I was there too! (Took a detour to the Cloisters this morning rather than riding directly to work.)

    Interesting how much colder it was on the Cherry Walk with the wind blowing off the river than anywhere else on the bike path this morning.

  • moocow

    I noted the same sort of thing on the Manhattan Bridge this AM. Always heartens me that there are so many of us out there. When it is really miserable out, like snowy slushy crap, and I see all the bike ruts, I tell myself, ‘Well they did it.’


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