Merry Christmas Chinatown

A Streetsblog tipster snapped this photo yesterday afternoon. Note the Starsky & Hutch-style siren on the dashboard of the SUV hanging off the back of that tow truck. The photographer reports that NYPD tow trucks have been racking up the hours in December clearing the streets of Chinatown, and as you can see in the photo above, they are finally "towing their own".

When we last reported on the 5th precinct’s parking situation two weeks ago, placard abusers were filling up the empty parking spots as quickly as the tow trucks could clear them out. Now, the tipster claims that over 90% of placarded vehicles have been removed from Chinatown’s clogged streets. Ho ho ho!

  • No Permit Parking signs for NYC

    Paper No Permit Parking signs, backed up with ticketing and towing, seems to be doing a righteous job in Chinatown. The 5th Pct is to be applauded again. Today I saw ONE placarded car on this block (just two years ago, there were over 20 placarded cars parked regularly on this block). These NYPD tow truck driver need break. The DOT needs to honor the requests of the 5th Pct, Community Board 2 and Community Board 3 for PERMANENT No Permit Parking signs to replace the paper signs [seen at the right side of the photo].

    BTW – I spoke to Dep. Insp. Gin Yee and another officer from the 5th Pct last night. They both said that the increased towing activity is just “routine” police work. Let’s hope this particular routine is contagious.

  • DebK

    On the way to lunch on Wednesday, we say the police towing cars off Bayard. Bayard was once again lined with cars by 1pm as we went back to work.

  • HP

    Are handicap parking permits people allowed to park here and generally in a No Permits Zone?

  • Dan

    Paper No Permit Parking signs, backed up with ticketing and towing, seems to be doing a righteous job in Chinatown.

    No Permit,

    No matter how many times you say it, this is still just a ridiculous assertion.

    The ticketing and towing of govt employees in Chinatown has very little to do with the 8.5 x 11 inch pieces of paper taped to lampposts.

    The towing in Chinatown is due to 3+ years of hard work an activism by Chinatown merchants like Jan Lee and Transportation Alternatives’ Matt Roth and others.

    The towing is also due to the change in personnel at DOT and their ability to finally get the mayor to press the issue with the NYPD.

    Try putting up your paper signs on any street in Downtown Brooklyn to test your cause-and-effect theory. I think you’ll find that tow trucks don’t show up just because signs have been posted.

    So, would you stop being so ridiculous? By continuing to say that it’s all about the signs you do a disservice to community groups that are actually trying to make similar changes happen in their neighborhoods. You also do a disservice to the activists who have put so much effort into making this happen. It’s actually all about the activism. The signs, if anythihng, are a by-product of that work as is the towing.

  • Bink

    Do the people who parked with permits and got towed have to pay to get their cars back – or is the tow fee waived because they have a permit? (legit or otherwise)

  • No Permit Parking signs for NYC

    To Dan:
    Yes, Chinatown is blessed with a local precinct that means business regarding permit abuse. They also mean business regarding hydrants and bus stops.

    Please don’t start in on the level of being “ridiculous”, it’s very tiresome and shows that your armchair mentality will not grasp reality and facts. Since the inception of the signs (and of course some back up towing, ticketing and booting) daily permit abuse has been reduced 75 to 90%!!. I know this to be a fact because I actually count the number of illegal parkers on a daily basis on my block. When the numbers get too high, 311 calls are made, and towing occurs.

    Don’t question my activism, you again show foolish ignorance. I’ve been making 311 complaint calls for 3 years and also worked with the local community board directly to get No Permit Parking signs. All of the activists that you refer to also want these permanent No Permit Parking signs. I have been in several meetings with Matt Roth before he split to CA. I helped to get Community Board 3 to UNANIMOUSLY pass a resolution to request PERMANENT No Permit Parking signs. I have met personally with Community Boards 1 and 2, and Community Board 2 has also UNANIMOUSLY passed a similar resolution requesting No Permit Parking signs last month. Community Board 1, I expect, will be following this same request for permanent signs which will make for THREE COMMUNITY BOARDS IN MANHATTAN MAKING THE SAME REQUEST FOR PERMANENT NO PERMIT PARKING SIGNS. Just a couple days ago, I shook the hand of the local precinct commander in Chinatown and thanked him for all his good work. Why are all these people, TWO COMMUNITY BOARDS AND A POLICE PRECINCT, requesting these signs? Because they work! They obviously see something in Permanent No Permit Parking signs that you never will.

    2 1/2 years ago, many ignorant people, doubters, just like yourself, never would have thought that NYPD tow trucks would tow cars with NYPD placards. Now this occured on six separate days this month.

  • No Permit Parking signs for NYC

    TO: HP, #3.
    Handicapped permit placards are exempt from No Permit Parking signs in Chinatown – (Watch out for an increase in this type of scam!). Exemptions for “disabled” permits was specified in the Community Board 3 resolution that was passed unanimously in October 2007.

  • Of all the transportation policy disasters facing New York City, in my view the curbing of placard abuse seemed, a year ago, the most intractable. Congratulations to Transportation Alternatives, Matt Roth, the Pct. 5 activists, and the many others whose vision and sacrifice have brought these amazing results. If we can get NYPD to “tow their own,” we can do anything!


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