Today’s Headlines

  • Jonathan

    NPR mentioned this morning about how LA was considering going to turnstiles from the honor system. A friend of mine was listening as well and mentioned that in the European city in which she used to live, they had a honor system for transit payments there. She hated it. It was really scary, she said, when they would pull up a “control bus” to the tram and unload everyone who didn’t have a ticket onto the control bus to get fined.

  • Hilary

    Does Paris still have first and second class cars in their metro? There’s another form of congestion pricing..

  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    The class system was eliminated on the Paris metro in 1991, and on the commuter trains in 1999. It still exists on long-distance trains.

    Jonathan, it sounds like your friend’s city didn’t do the control system right. If the controls are frequent enough, they only catch one or two people per train, because everyone’s got a ticket, since they know they’re likely to be controlled. Nobody gets really scared when the LIRR conductors come around, because they know that there’s not likely to be anyone in “situation irrégulière.”

    A Prague-style control system would make it easier for New York to unify the various ticketing systems and allow people to buy a ticket from, say, Woodside to Montclair. It would also speed up bus loading incredibly.

  • I think the Subway Riders’ Bill of Rights is missing a right.