NY1 Snap Poll: How to Make NYC Safer For Cyclists?

A week after two cyclists were killed in midtown, NY1 wants to know, in its very limited multiple choice format, what needs to be done to make New York City safer for cyclists. Your options are:

  • New & improved bike lanes
  • Traffic enforcement
  • Bike safety education

Cast your vote in NY1’s "Snap Poll" here.

  • Josh

    That just BEGS for an “all of the above” option.

  • andrew

    how come “driver safety education” isn’t on there?

    cyclists aren’t killing themselves. come on!

  • ben

    New & improved bike lanes 55.0%

    Traffic enforcement 33.0%

    Bike safety education 11.0%

    Yea lame on choices.
    Take in account
    New bike lanes which you can’t park in?
    Traffic Management not enforcement.
    Free cycling education and cycling requirements for any driving test(s) and classes.

    Couldn’t they just say that.

  • flp

    while all of the above is right, most of the above will not work without enforcement!!!!!

    oh no… that mean MORE work for the fuzz….. aaawwwwwwww too bad! i think there is a second force out there called traffic cops. they sure could do a bit more work. putting them on bikes and having them patrol bike lanes, etc. would be great!

  • curmudgeon

    Ben wrote:

    “Free cycling education”

    It’s already here:

  • Tom Robbins

    Don’t drive drunk.
    Don’t drive without lights and if you’re on a bike, wear reflective clothing.
    Respect the road and traffic lanes, including bike lanes … which are not a substitute for truck parking.
    Obey all vehicle and traffic laws, which do apply to bicycles. No wrong way down the bike lane. No riding on sidewalks.
    Use brakes. Ban bikes from streets that do not have them.
    And if you’re going to bike in traffic, wear a helmet. Please, we need you.


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