Today’s Headlines

  • Usual Suspects Spin, Dismiss Driver Income Stats (Daily Politics, Post, News, Sun)
  • NYCLU Calls Cameras an "Enormous" Concern (News)
  • Doctoroff Says Atlantic Yards Opponents Are Right (The Real Estate)
  • Cyclists Want City to Act on Dooring Danger (Metro)
  • Cyclist Injured in Hit-and-Run Ticketed for Not Having a Bell (onNYTurf)
  • Cobblestone Street Sacrificed for Red Hook IKEA Drivers (Gowanus Lounge)
  • TLC Says Cabs Must Get 25 MPG in 2008 (AMNY)
  • Americans Could Save Themselves, and the Planet, by Walking … (AlterNet)
  • … But "Drive Score" Helps Ensure They Won’t Have To (Transit Miami)
  • Oh Well — It’s Too Late to Stop Climate Change Anyway (Grist)

  • Larry Littlefield

    If it illegal to ride a bike in NYC without a bell, why is it legal to sell a bike in NYC without a bell?

  • mike


    There are all sorts of situations like that. In the fight to ban audible car alarms a few years back, for example, we had the same situation. Car alarms that were illegal for use in NYC were still legal for sale, which we eventually changed. Different sections of law, different Council Committees, etc.

  • brent

    Gotta love it: ticket for not having a bell= $20.
    Ticket for going 50 in a 25 mph zone, blowing through a red light, and mowing down 2 pedestrians; then staying at the scene= about $100. In NY, vehicular homicide is a real bargain.

  • drose

    Re Post article on IBO study:
    Somebody needs to teach McCaffrey basic 1st grade math. 250 days of driving x $8 = $2,000 a year, only if you take the free bridges. He keeps pulling this $5000 tax number out of his #&? and continually repeating it.

  • Mark

    Surprised to see the NYCLU buying the anti-CP assertion that CP cameras are “surveillance.” A street is a public place, and paid for by the public, last time I heard. If you don’t want your picture taken, stay home.

  • momos

    The hit and run story is so outrageous. Even more outrageous, it’s totally unsurprising. The cyclist himself says it best: “I can’t give you an example where the police have helped the situation in any cycling incident I know of.”

    He also says he hesitated to call the police, something else I relate to. Bike stolen? Hit and run? Doored by an SUV? Cars parked in the bike lane? In every case the NYPD not only doesn’t protect vulnerable cyclists, it actually punishes them with tickets about bells and such. This discourages cyclists from involving the police, which ultimately is bad for public safety.

    The NYPD has got to be one of the most hidebound, conservative, old-school bureaucracies in the city.

  • Facts: There would be about 260 Congestion pricing days, even if we included all holidays.

    The max one passenger car could be changed is $8/day, which equals $2,080/year and that would involved driving into the congestion zone every single day.

    A truck would be $21/day and that would only add up to $5,460/year, again assuming you drove a truck into the congestion zone every single possible day.

    And that’s the max if they have no offsetting tolls.

  • Hi, I’m Rags

    Regarding the congestion pricing coverage, when did the Sun (with its ultra conservative Editorial pages) become the voice of reason in reporting in New York?