The Weekly Carnage

Fatal Crashes (10 this week; 640 this year)

  • Midtown: Cyclist doored, killed by truck (Streetsblog)
  • Queens: Youth with suspended license, two dead, above (News)
  • Related: Sports car was college gift, below (Post)
  • Bergen County, N.J.: Relief turns to horror, two dead (Post)
  • Related: American Ballet Theater mourns death of leading dancer (Post)
  • Setauket, L.I.: Two car collision, pedestrian killed (Newsday)
  • Patchogue, L.I.: Pedestrian killed (Newsday)
  • Fishkill, N.Y.: Truck collision, one dead (Poughkeepsie Journal)
  • Toms River, N.J.: Elderly woman veers off road (Star Ledger)
  • Garden State Parkway: "Erratic" behavior, driver veers off road (Star Ledger)

Typically unfortunate product placement in the Post.

Injuries, Arrests, and Property Damage

  • Times Square: Cyclist hit by bus (AMNY)
  • Upper East Side: Car ploughs through pedestrian refuge (Streetsblog)
  • Selden, L.I.: Drunk driver endangers son (Newsday)
  • Syosset, L.I.: Car overturns on highway (Newsday)
  • Greenport, L.I.: Multi-car accident, cop injured (Newsday)
  • Hempstead, L.I.: Girl, 5, struck at busy intersection (Newsday)
  • Long Island Expressway: Drunk driver slams police cruiser (Newsday)
  • Related: Injured cop has been hurt on L.I.E. before (Newsday)
  • Cutchogue, L.I.: Beloved resident critically injured (Newsday)
  • Queens: Tanker truck crashes, spills 3,000 gallons of diesel (Newsday)
  • Yonkers: Three car crash, one hospitalized (Journal News)
  • Rye, N.Y.: Driver tries to avoid deer, damages utility pole (Journal News)
  • Yorktown, N.Y.: Drunk driver runs into ditch, three children in car (Journal News)
  • Hoboken, N.J.: Former Mayor charged in DUI (Hoboken Now)
  • Northern New Jersey: Icy weather leads to multiple crashes (Star-Ledger)

Following Up

  • Bronx: Cop pleads not guilty in shooting of drunk driver (News)
  • Staten Island: Manslaughter charges in drag racing crash (Advance)


  • New Jersey: Peer education program to reduce teen driving deaths (Newsday)
  • Journal News/ solicits reports of bad drivers (

About the Weekly Carnage

  • galvo

    couldn’t find anything on am new york concerning the bicyclist hit by bus today, link is dead. I am working on a safe drivers project to start using carcams in vehicles to document the dangerous driving and drivers on the roadways. helmet cams are available from $99 that do a decent daytime job. upload them to youtube with dangerous driving tags, stopmva would be a good searchable tag. a couple simple ones i uploaded from a collision prone work zone in white plains
    i am sure if there is a demand, they will become more vehicle orientated. Technology is now available to crowd source the deadly drivers antics. Two generations of drivers need to be retrained, with a third sitting in the carseats watching mommy/daddy drive and use a cell phone.

  • galvo
  • Vroomfondel

    Can you recommend a decent helmet/handlebar cam? I’ve been looking at the Oregon Scientific ATC 2K, but so far I’ve been holding off on purchasing it because the reviews are quite mixed.

  • Jonathan

    Great idea, Galvo, but may I suggest that “Stop MVC” is more appropriate, as what you propose to document are not motor vehicle accidents, e.g. car skidded on icy road, but motor vehicle crashes, e.g. driver ran the red light and hit the bicyclist.

  • galvo

    The Oregon scientific is ok for daytime use. The buttons are hard to work, but it is waterproof. there are a couple new ones becoming available, however they cost over 300 and I do not think they will be better than an archos dvr with a bullet camera. Bullet camera will also work with a, obstacle is to make a battery pack for mobile use, no big deal.
    Decent bullet cam are waterproof and have better low light abilities, plus they are versatile, they can be hooked up to a camcorder or portable dvr.

    Cnet had a review on a portable self contained webcam. These webcam generations may work out as the best for crowd sourcing anti dangerous driver car cam , it has easy features to plug and upload to youtube for the non technical people. This would be great for the car commuters(no public transit in many areas), make it simple as possible to get the video online. Hopefully the newer models will have increased recording times.
    Hopefully as the demand increases , the manufactures will develop cameras specifically designed for carcam use and integrated with the new gps avaible. There is software available now that will link a a gps with carcam, footage so carcam speed can be displayed at time of incident,as a point of reference. i need to start working on linkable web pages to get a lot of the new camera users “how to” information up on the web and make it a collection point for incidents.
    have registered a couple domain names to use as start for this project.
    However I know nothing about web site building, my main goal is to get the info out there, I may start with a blog with links , as it seems to be the easiest to start with.
    i agree with the word accident, one of my peeves of media coverage. The acronym MVA is from medical jargon, like GSW. (Gun shot wound) it is already established in the ER/medical history /rehab jargon.
    with youtube any number of tags can be added, however for searching across youtube , unique identifiers give more specific results.

  • Steve

    Additional pointers on helmet cams are found here:

    I certainly agree that Sony cameras are extremely durable, I have crashed mine several times and they still work.

  • galvo

    no more weekly carnage?
    too hard to keep up with ?

  • if anyone wants to step up and take it over, let me know. there’s a job opening.

  • Holly

    This would be a sad venture to take over.

  • all you hav eto do is hit Google news and search accidents and you’ll get your weekly carnage.. 🙁

  • NY Doctor

    Horrible…auto accident safety is always first!


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