Parking Guru Donald Shoup Coming to Town Monday

Donald Shoup, author of The High Cost of Free Parking, will be in New York next week, with a number of events on Monday culminating in an evening appearance at Fordham University. Here’s a rundown.

Press Walk-Thru of One of NYC’s Worst Streets to Park
Monday, December 10, 12 noon
SE Corner of 6th Avenue and West 29th Street
Hosted by Transportation Alternatives

Discussion: "The High Cost of Free Parking"
Monday, December 10, 6 pm  
Fordham University – Pope Auditorium
113 W. 60th St. (at Columbus Av.), Manhattan
FREE (RSVP requested)
Hosted by New York City Streets Renaissance and Transportation Alternatives

Streetsblog also has word that Shoup will be meeting with local officials about city parking policy. Maybe he’ll swap war stories with the Sheriff of Chinatown.

  • No Permit Parking signs for NYC

    The High Cost of Free Parking costs NYC $46-million a year from lost parking meter revenue because of government sector parking permit abuse [Bruce Schaller 2006]. That’s about $300-million that NYC has lost since 9/11. Will Shoup bring this up in his discussions? Why hasn’t Shoup ever brought up the posting of simple, and extremely cheap, NO PERMIT PARKING signs to discuourage thousands of government sector commuters from parking illegally? The ABSENCE of No Permit Parking signs in NYC is an open invitation, encouraging permit holders to park “freely”, albeit illegally. NO PERMIT PARKING signs are a necessary reeducation tool to physically change the outdated policy that allows government sector commuters to break the law thousands of times a day and cost NYC $46-million a year.

  • Hilary

    Do you have a sign-making company?

  • No Permit Parking signs for NYC

    To Hilary,
    No, I don’t have a sign-making company.

    I have witnessed, for the last eight months, a working system in Chinatown that has reduced parking permit abuse by about 90-95%. The posting of No Permit Parking signs by the local police precinct, along with follow up ticketing/towing has helped lower Mott Street tremendously – local businesses can actually conduct business and citizens can park, eat and shop without being blocked by government sector commuter cars.

    No Permit Parking signs are a low-cost/low-tech way of enforcing existing laws, discouraging illegal parking permit abuse, and reducing by many, many thousands the number of government sector commuters coming into Manhattan. All the benefits of congestion pricing. without the high-cost and big brother cameras, AND $46-million per year gained in parking meter revenue.

    When will people on this blog wake up and support this? Community Boards 2 and 3 have already unanimously passed resolutions requesting No Permit Parking signs from the D.O.T.!!!


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