Toronto Cops Pull Over a Pedal-Powered ’86 Buick

Artist Michel de Broin removed the
engine, suspension, transmission and electrical system from his 1986 Buick Regal. He then equipped it with 4 independent pedal and gear mechanisms transforming his old Buick into the "Self Propulsion Car." De Broin’s piece was shown here in New York City back in 2005 at an Exit Art exhibition entitled "Traffic".

In this video (via BlogTO), a perplexed Toronto police officer pulled the car over during a test drive. On the artist’s website, you can also see a video of the "Self Propulsion Car" in action on the streets of Hell’s Kitchen.

  • ddartley

    “Self-propulsion?” Kind of like, “auto-mobile?”

  • gecko

    Would be a lot more practical with a converted “Smart Car.”

    . . . but, Cheers!

  • Hilary

    What a riot! What is its legal status?

  • A lighter car frame would be a lot better if the aim was to actually use this thing. The police seem to have a problem with it though and it is in a bit of a legal grey area.

  • Hilary

    It reminds me of the Flintstones.

  • It’s a neat idea. It would probably work even better if you stripped it down even further–drop the body entirely, and you could make it balance on two wheels…

  • Eric

    Sweet! Does it have an 8-track player? If so, even sweeter.

  • “the safety issue is… unsafe.”

  • Do the brakes still work? How do you stop in the middle of a sharp hill? Not something that would do well in San Fran…

    But love the concept. A lighter frame would definitely help.

  • Ali

    A couple of pro snowboarders built a similar bike-powered car and went on a trip to several western ski resorts either last year or the year before and documented it in their “Bikecar” Documentary.

    They built their own frame instead of using an existing car because of the weight. But they must’ve made it up some hills on their way to the mountains. I haven’t watched the whole movie yet, only have seen the trailer and pictures.


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