Today’s Headlines

  • More Q Poll Coverage (Post, News, Sun)
  • Small Pro-Pricing Crowd Gathers for East Side Forum (AMNY
  • Lower Manhattanites Rail Against Placard Abuse (Villager
  • ‘Road Rage’ Suspected in UES Pedestrian Death (AMNY, Post)
  • Community Wants to Restore Abandoned Bronx Rail Station (Metro)
  • Silver Promises MTA Aid (News
  • Second Ave. Funding Contingent on Schedule and Budget (Post)
  • Transit Beats Driving, Even When It ‘Sucks’ (Grist
  • Utah City Ponders Rail, But Will Probably Get an 8-Lane Freeway (Salt Lake Trib
  • Latest Climate Change Report Should Be a Call to Action (NYT)
  • Big Drop Predicted for US Auto Sales (WaPo)
  • Electric Bikes Taking Over Chinese Streets (LiveScience/Yahoo
  • mork

    If [CP] prevented an increase in bus and subway fares, 52% of New Yorkers said they would support congestion pricing, while 41% would still be opposed.

    Sounds like a mandate to me — hop to it, pols!

  • Chris H

    Re: Utah story,

    [rant]I can’t believe people still repeat that canard about freeways relieving congestion and reducing air pollution. People seem to keep this false assumption that the VMT stays the same. Hello? Has anyone ever heard of induced demand? [/rant]

  • gecko

    Chinese e-bikes link: A powered cycle rail would greatly improve battery life by reducing charge and discharge cycles and since most people would probably peddle, a platform for a transit system that potentially produces energy rather than using it.

    A NYC International Cycle Rail Design Competition would flush out the issues.