The Weekly Carnage

Fatal Crashes (11 Killed this week; 610 Killed this year)

  • Ozone Park: One dead, drunk driver into oncoming traffic (Newsday)  
  • Middle Village: Ambulette hits lightpost, tree, one dead (Post
  • Queens: Vehicle collision, one dead, one critically injured (Post)
  • Levittown, L.I.: Pedestrian, 62, by drunk driver (Post) (Newsday)
  • West Babylon, L.I.: One dead, one injured, driver veers into on coming traffic (Newsday)
  • Old Brookville, L.I.: Rock crashes through car window (Newsday)
  • Setauket, L.I.: Three vehicle collision, one dead (Newsday)
  • Hempstead, L.I.: Cyclist struck by bus (Newsday)
  • Seymore, Conn.: Man drives truck off road (Hartford Courant)
  • Westport, Conn.: One dead, four injured (Stamford Advocate)
  • South Brunswick, N.J.: Father of two may have fallen asleep (Times of Trenton)

Injuries, Arrests, and Property Damage

  • Clifton Park, N.Y.: Former Congressman arrested for drunk driving (Newsday)
  • West Nyack, N.Y.: Woman seriously injured in crash (Journal News)
  • Pleasantville, N.Y.: Road rage slashing (Journal News)
  • Harrison, N.Y.: Two arrested for racing in interstate (Journal News)
  • Yonkers, N.Y.: Man hits four parked cars, charged with drunk driving (Journal News)
  • Lawrence, N.J.: Student hit crossing street (Times of Trenton)
  • Mountainside, N.J.: Speeding teens, three seriously hurt (Cranford Chronicle) (Star-Ledger)

Following Up

  • East Meadow, L.I.: Fluke hit and run suspect turned victim dies (Newsday)
  • Yonkers, N.Y.: Driver in Bx River Parkway crash charged (Journal News)


Upstate Report

  • Bethany, N.Y.: Family of four dead in collision with truck (Newsday)

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  • Dave H.

    Seymour, CT is spelled wrong above I think.

  • galvo

    “Clifton Park, N.Y.: Former Congressman arrested for drunk driving (Newsday)”
    classic , this law was enacted to get these intoxicated drivers off the road , he plea deals a .18 blood alcohol in a couple weeks . friends with the judges and DA?
    “Harrison, N.Y.: Two arrested for racing in interstate (Journal News) ”
    drag racing on a heavy congested highway, over 100 mph and weaving in and out, they get a citation?

  • In relation to the multi-tasking while driving trend, I was just reading a great article in the Atlantic Monthly called “The Autumn of the Multitaskers” by Walter Kirn. You need to be a subscriber to read the article, but Kirn hits on many of the same themes in this fifty-minute radio interview.

    In the middle of the interview he gives a figure, that (IIRC) 26,000 people die every year in the US because a car driver was unquestionably multitasking. You can imagine how many more are unproven. And the driver doesn’t have to be texting or talking on a phone: he opens the article with a story about how he was driving and heard the tone that told him his girlfriend had sent him a camera-phone picture, probably of herself topless. While fishing around for the phone, he drove off an embankment and almost killed himself.

    I was going to post this comment this morning, but I figured I should listen to the interview before linking to it. I started to listen to it while stretching, reading Streetsblog and composing my comment in my head, and then I realized how crazy it sounded in the context of the interview. Instead I waited until I got home, downloaded the MP3 to a standalone player and went and sat in the dark and listened to the thing. I did ice my sore muscles and pet the cat while listening, but that was it.

    Also by coincidence, as I was finishing the Atlantic article on the train this afternoon, a woman sitting across from me was reading a Walter Kirn novel. I’d never heard of him before yesterday.


The Weekly Carnage

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The Weekly Carnage

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The Weekly Carnage

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