Today’s Headlines

  • City Gets 30 Responses to Congestion Pricing RFEI (NYEDC
  • Port Authority Could Raise Tolls in Support of Rail Tunnel (NYT, Post)
  • Three MTA Board Members Skipped Every Fare Hearing (News)
  • Poll Shows 89 Percent Support for DC Airport Rail Link (Connection)
  • Proposed Bay Ridge Ferry Reaches Manhattan in 15 Minutes (Brooklyn Eagle
  • NYC Gets Its Cut From Under-Funded Safe Routes Program (TSTC)
  • Al Gore’s Company Coming to New Midtown Tower (News)
  • Governors to Launch Climate Change Ad Campaign (NYT
  • Hugo Chavez Calls for Cheaper Oil for Poor Nations (BBC)
  • LA Auto Show Opens; Let the Greenwashing Begin (Wheels)
  • Color-Changing Car to Make Law Evasion That Much Easier (Engadget)
  • Larry Littlefield

    (New York City will receive approximately 39.5% of the State’s allocation of federal Safe Routes to School (SRTS) funding for the period 2005-2009)

    Given that “school” is part of the title, I’m surprised that NYS-DOT didn’t divide it into two pools — safe routes to school aid, and safe routes to school tax relief. By giving NYC a very low share of the latter, the state could cut the city’s share of the funds to 34%. And if fiscal times get tight, it could just ignore the formula and cut the city’s share ot 29%.

    Like it does with all the other school funds.

    Actually, in this case there is an argument the city’s share should be lower. It should be based on the share of children who could walk or bike to school, based on a reasonable distance, but do not. Back when I was a kid virtually everyone walked or biked to school.

  • Bill

    Cadillac Escalade hybrid SUV? Chevy Tahoe 332 horse power hybrid? Have American automakers lost their mind?! Let the huge losses continue.