30 Firms Submit Proposals for NYC’s Congestion Pricing System


In response to its "Request for Expressions of Interest," the New York City Economic Development Corporation has received proposals from 30 companies interested in implementing New York City’s congestion pricing pilot project. "This large number and quality of responses clearly indicates that the market place believes that the implementation of the City’s congestion pricing plan is feasible," EDC writes.

Technologically and economically feasible, that is. As for political feasibility… still working on that.

The entire list of companies can be found on EDC’s web site along with proposals from 21 of them. We’ve also provided links below to download the documents. Nine of the firms’ proposals were considered "business sensitive" and not made available for download.

We’re inviting readers to start looking through them and letting us know if you see anything particularly notable. IBM ‘s proposal is probably worth a close look since they developed Stockholm’s congestion pricing system. Likewise, I hear that Bern Grush’s Skymeter is proposing a rather unique technology solution. I was surprised to see that HopStop, the online subway mapping company, submitted a proposal.

I’d have to say that the big disappointment here is that the proposal from the never-before-heard-from "Congestion Solutions Group" was considered too confidential to put online. A veritable Super Friends of congestion pricing, the Group includes Northrop Grumman, Parsons, PIPS Technology, Transdyn, Rafael Viñoly Architects, Halcrow and ACS (we assume that last one is the IT company and not the American Cancer Society).

Based on an initial analysis of the 30 proposals, EDC notes:

  • Some proposed changes to the system suggested by respondents included implementing a cordon system as well as recommendations to alter the exact boundaries of these cordoned lines.
  • Given the proposed technologies the expected amount of required hardware would not be extensive and could be integrated into the City’s existing urban design
  • Privacy issues can be adequately addressed by the encryption of wireless communications and strictly followed protocols to protect the public.

  • Several firms expressed confidence in their ability to implement the system on the necessary timeline, although most identified it as a challenging timeframe. Some respondents suggested a phased-in approach to address the timeline concern.

After the break you’ll find the proposals available for download:

And these firms submitted proposals that were considered too "business sensitive" to make available to the public:

  • 3M, CSE Global Ltd., MSI Global Pte Ltd.
  • Accenture, Thales, American Traffic Solution (ATS), Gideon GRC Consulting, Vertex
  • Alcatel-Lucent
  • Autostrade per l’Italia
  • The Boston Consulting Group
  • The Capita Group Plc.
  • The Congestion Solutions Group (Northrop Grumman, ACS, Parsons, PIPS Technology, Transdyn, Rafael Viñoly Architects, Halcrow)
  • Kapsch TrafficCom AG
  • Raytheon Company


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