Take the NYC Bike Parking Survey

Wallace Murray and Jason Nu are
two graduate students in Hunter
College’s geography
department.  They have teamed up with New York
City Department of City Planning’s Transportation Division to create a bike parking survey. They write:

We are working with the NYC Department of City Planning Transportation Division to
improve our understanding of the public’s bike parking needs and
current bike parking resources. This
survey is designed to engage YOU in the decision making process as the city
ramps up its efforts to install thousands of new bicycle racks and other
bicycle parking facilities throughout the five boroughs within the next few
years. Please take a moment to
complete our brief (less than 10 minutes) survey


Is DOT Doing Enough to Make NYC Bike-Friendly?

The question was debated, albeit briefly and in slow motion, by two New York City Department of Transportation employees in the pages of the New York Times last week. Last week, in a Sunday City section op/ed piece, Andrew Vesselinovitch argued that DOT is not doing enough for New York City cyclists. Vesselinovitch is the […]