Today’s Headlines

  • Jan Gehl Rocks the UWS (Metro)
  • Burgeoning Street Life Strains Cluttered Sidewalks (NYT)
  • Weiner Says Lax Traffic Enforcement Is a Tool to Promote Pricing (Sun)
  • Bloomberg/Corzine/Spitzer Port Authority Sets a Regional Agenda (NYT)
  • Bloomberg Flies to Enviro Hearing in His Private Jet (Post)
  • City Skimps on Transit Funding (News)
  • MTA to Develop Electronic Alert System (Post, Metro)
  • Impromptu Bike Warnings Are Apparently in Vogue (Gowanus Lounge)
  • Driver Kills Brooklyn Poll Worker; Charged With Homicide (Post, NYT)
  • Forget Hydrogen: Movie Car Fueled by Blood (Blood Car via SuperVegan
  • Larry Littlefield

    Weiner can say whatever he wants, and it doesn’t matter, which is why he likes talking about congestion pricing and not Social Security, Health Care, and the National Debt.

    Weprin, on the other hand, could introduce legislation outlawing one-street parking permits and reserved zones in Manhattan, or limiting them to the extremely screened handicapped. And he could run against the local state legislators in 2008, making the state’s refusal to allow additional traffic enforcement cameras an issue.

  • Davis

    Likewise, Lew Fidler could introduce such legislation and make a run for state office to pursue his ambitious agenda, since he’s soon to be term-limited out.

    This is why, despite his apparent sincerity and good will, I find Lew’s push for Hydrogen cars and tens of billions of dollars of new tunnels to be completely absurd.

    Really, if Lew’s proposal isn’t a cynical delaying tactic (and after reading all of his substantive and earnest comments here on Streetsblog I don’t believe it is), then his proposal is deeply delusional.

    There are so many things that Fidler, Weprin and other local legislators could be doing to really help reduce traffic congestion, to help make it easier for outer boro New Yorkers to leave their cars at home and move into higher quality transit. And then they come to us with Hydrogen cars and conspiracy theories about traffic enforcement. Give me a break.