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This morning’s Brian Lehrer interview with Open Planning Project Director Mark Gorton, DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan and, ummm… 30 Rock’s Alec Baldwin, is now online. If you missed it, listen here:

  • Terrific stuff. Makes me an even bigger Alec Baldwin fan.

  • JSK said that Flushing was going to get the Gehl treatment!


    Growing up in the former town of Flushing I’ve seen many things change since i was a kid growing up in the 80’s. We have a terrific number of greenways compared to the rest of the city I think. The one thing that really sucks about the bike network over here, is that it is great if you are out for a pleasure ride, but it doesn’t facilitate biking as a viable travel mode.

    In this section of Queens we have 3 Colleges (St John’s, Queens College and Queens Community College) one major research hospital (LIJ) plus many other cultural institutions.

    My guess is that tying this network to those key institutions which (in my estimation) already have the highest percentage of people willing to change modes to bike in the first place, will facilitate increased use of the network.

    (I guess i could be accused of stereotyping but I’m a student at one of those institutions – and recently started to bike to work)

    With relatively few changes DOT could make commuting by bike not just a viable option in NE Queens/Erstwhile Town of Flushing but a desirable one.


  • Steve

    Joby, I’m not from flushng but have spent my share of time there and your idea makes great sense.


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