The M23 Bus Earns the 2007 Pokey Award

The slowest bus in New York City is… Manhattan’s M23, crosstown at 23rd Street.

Remind me again why New York City hasn’t eliminated private automobiles on its major crosstown streets and established dedicated rights-of-way for buses, special loading  zones and times for delivery trucks?

CityRoom has the details:

“Nearly one in three of its buses have big gaps in service or are
off schedule, the worst record for the 42 key local routes for which
M.T.A. New York City Transit calculates reliability measures,” the
Straphangers and Transportation Alternatives announced in a news

In addition to ranking the M23 the slowest bus route in the city,
the annual survey identified these routes as the slowest by borough:
the B63 in Brooklyn (4.9 m.p.h.), the Bx19 in the Bronx (5.0 m.p.h.),
the Q56 in Queens (6.1 m.p.h.) and the S61 on Staten Island (11.7

“Our awards highlight what bus riders know from bitter daily
experience: New York City has the pokiest and schleppiest buses in the
nation,” said Gene Russianoff, the staff lawyer for the Straphangers

  • Hilary

    Wasn’t the M23 the line where a driver finally had it and drove the bus right out of town? I think it was found in Virginia..

  • ddartley

    M23–that’s the second year in a row, isn’t it? Dynasty?

  • Steve

    As usual, the crosstown bus I rely on most often–the M96–was only marginally faster than the slowest of all–4.5 mph vs. 4.0. But when I consider how important it is for the florist, the minister and the two metered parking space lottery winners I see on 96th between Broadway and Amsterdam each morning to have convenient parking, I’m realize it’s all worth it.

  • drose


    As a fellow M96 user, its unfortunate knowing that the M96 is probably the early leader in the 2008 race to the bottom given the massive construction project the MTA is going to ramp up at the 96th & Broadway intersection to redo that station. Given the length of time that the construction will take, the M96 may have the 2009 and 2010 prizes wrapped up already too.

  • gecko

    It’s amazing how long all this “Pokey” legacy transportation (buses, trains, cars) has lasted!

  • Rocinante

    A bus driver on the M23 last week disputed the Pokey award and said that he had driven even slower routes.

    He blamed the parked cars for the pathetic speed of most city buses.

  • UES_Realist

    DOUBLE PARKED CARS are a crime.

    FRESH DIRECT TRUCKS are a crime.

    Question – when all NYer’s can walk to a store
    why do they need Fresh Direct anyway – whose
    trucks are always double parked?

    Elect me “Mayor of NYC” and I will make DOUBLE PARKING a crime punishable by forfieture of the vehicle. The city will then auction off the vehicles and use the money towards mass transit.

    DOUBLE PARKED CARS are a crime.

    DOUBLE PARKED CARS are a crime.

  • Ian Turner

    UES Realist:

    I buy my staples from Freshdirect, and I do it because the only store within walking distance is about 50% more expensive than freshdirect, with less selection and generally lower quality to boot.

    In my opinion, deliveries are a necessity — even if you push consumer deliveries onto pedestrian carts, like what UPS, DHL, and Fedex do in some areas, you are still going to have businesses requiring serious inventory loading. The right solution to this problem is not to demonize the double-parkers (wrong though they may bey), but rather to legitimate them by eliminating curbside parking in favor of loading zones.


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