Silver: “We’re Not Doing Gansevoort Today.”

From City Room:

Speaker Sheldon Silver told City Room this morning that the Assembly would not act on the proposed West Side trash transfer station near Gansevoort Street in the meatpacking district, in his latest snub of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg.

The station has been a priority for the mayor, who held a news conference with City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn last week urging the Legislature to approve the station. The debate over the station has also led to contentious arguments among the Assembly Democrats.

But once again, Mr. Silver and Mr. Bloomberg are not seeing eye to eye.

“We’re not doing Gansevoort today,” Mr. Silver said, adding that he was not satisfied that alternatives to the proposal had been fully considered and did not think the mayor lived up to commitments made earlier this year to provide more financial details of alternative proposals. “I had an understanding back in June, despite any newspapers of record that might think otherwise — editorial-wise or news-wise — that they would present the financial undertaking of alternatives,” he said, adding, “Those numbers are not yet in, the use of Gansevoort is 2013, still more than five years away, so waiting for all of that to be completed does not impact in any way shape or form from the use of it.”

He added, “The mayor decided to do press availability or a press conference notwithstanding the understanding predates his press conference by five months, and that’s unfortunate, that in an irresponsible fashion, despite everything we had as an understanding, he chose to do that.”

  • Larry Littlefield

    I said what should be done. Proceed with the rest of the plan. Set aside the money for the Manhattan transfer station. If the rest of the transfer stations have cost over-runs, increase the money in escrow by the same percentage.

    Offer to turn either of the two sites, and the amount of money the city has set aside for the Manhattan transfer station, over to a state entity that would build the site to the city’s specifications. When completed, the city would accept the station if those specifications were met. Until then, garbage would be trucked to the outer boroughs, and residents would be kept informed who decided this is the way it should be.

    Red herring or not? We’d find out.

    But, by the way, there is a large facilty off South Street on the other side of the elevated FDR drive that could be used.

    It is in Silver’s district, isn’t it?. Why was than not considered? Because there are poor people living on the other side of the highway? Too far south, so longer trips for the garbage trucks? Or something else?

  • momos

    Obstructionist Silver holds city hostage again. He’s obviously playing politics by turning this into another card to hold in his hand. It means Bloomberg will have to compromise with Silver on this or congestion pricing or another such issue.

    Silver is a one-trick pony. He is always last to come down on an issue (because there’s never enough information available). Other politicians like Bloomberg then have to throw all kinds of concessions at him while the public holds its breath. It’s the same thing over and over on every issue of significance.

  • drose

    Silver has been called a bald-face liar by Bloomberg on this, with the Mayor stating that every question asked by Silver and his staff had been answered, according to this NYT article from last week.

    Silver knows he would lose the vote in a rout if he let it come to the floor. What does he owe these three assembly members that would cause him to continually stonewall the passage of this bill? I’m not educated enough in the ways of Albany, but does Silver have any pet causes that Bloomberg can start to stonewall in return? This is really getting to be a bit much.

  • Barnacle Bill

    That’s right, Shelley protects his own and that is why we love him and vote him in year after year.

    CB2 ranks 58 of 59 of CBs in parkland, has the most sidewalks usurped by sidewalk cafe (both with and without legal permits), pretty much the most number of bars and clubs, and you want us to accept a garbage dump after we killed Westway and fought hard for the Hudson Park.

    Hi yo, Silver. Give Bloomberg hell.

  • jmc

    If only DSNY came by one day and took Sheldon Silver away! He stinks horribly…

    Perhaps he took bribes from the rats and flies to stall the cities garbage proposal.

  • jmc

    city’s (oops)

  • Sheldon Silver

    I was misquoted. I actually meant to say, “We’re Not Doing Any Constructive for the Future of New York Ever Again.”

    Streetsblog’s Hometown Favorite,
    Sheldon “Shelly” Silver

  • MA

    Go Shelley. Keep fighting for your constituents.

    We did not defeat Westway and create a Hudson Park to turn it into a garbage dump.

    We love Silver!

  • JF

    I don’t understand why nobody’s complaining about Glick or Gottfried. When the Assembly does something right, it’s thanks to the individual member, but when it does something wrong it’s Silver’s fault, is that it?

    I can understand the pro-park point of view, but honestly, even in the twenty-first century I don’t think it’s possible for the borough to function without some kind of industrial/freight waterfront access. On the other hand, what’s definitely not needed is that stupid parking garage.

  • flp

    oh fer crissakes, folks, get over the NIMBY attitudes!

    i admit am not fully informed about many aspects of the project, but i DO really like the claims (red herrings?) that the new facility would relieve the environmental stress at the existing facility and cut truck traffic in the south bronx a great deal!

    full disclosure, i am a full time bike commuter who uses the west side greenway along the gansevoort stretch almost every day and am willing to deal with the additional truck traffic if it helps the folks in the bronx. lord knows with the bruckner, x-bronx, deegan, and all the industrial installations and facilities they get enough traffic and shit in their back yard. give ’em a break!

    on the other hand, i just hope the DOS, HRPT, and DOT work out a sensible plan to deal with the potential truck-bike-jogger-pedestrian conflicts. as for those who cannot recall your last casual, scenic hike or bike ride to the bronx/south bronx… you are missing out on a few things. see for example: (note: the water park has been killed – yay!)


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