Memorial Held for Craig Murphey


Friends of Craig Murphey held a memorial ride Saturday, and installed a ghost bike near the spot where he was struck by a commercial truck last week.

Police say Murphey was killed riding on the wrong side of Union Avenue while racing the truck to the intersection of Ten Eyck Street, near his home, just after 4 a.m. last Thursday. Friends say this would have been unlike Murphey, an experienced cyclist who rode daily from Brooklyn to his job in Harlem. There is also doubt as to which direction Murphey would have been traveling, based on accounts of his whereabouts around the time of the collision.

Streetsblog has been unable to determine the identity of another Brooklyn cyclist who died hours after Murphey, at Utica Avenue and Fulton Street in Bedford-Stuyvesant. If anyone has any information, please send us an e-mail or leave a comment.

Photo: Elizabeth Weinberg/Flickr 

  • kraz

    Too cool for helmets.

  • anon

    Wow, kraz, you’re a jackass. I suppose you give fashion critiques at the cemetery gates as well?

    As it happens these people must be “too cool” too:

  • Timz

    See, I think the one woman with the helmet looks the coolest… It’s too bad the rest don’t understand why it is so important to wear them. And I’m not just talking personal safety here, it really does help the fight for a bikable city when bikers do whats right first. And wearing a helmet is just the right thing to do.

  • cmu

    Actually, it’s exactly the opposite. It’s possibly the “right thing to do” only in this country; the rest of the world does not wear helmets. And I could argue that cycling will never be a widely accepted, routine activity, if helmets were required.

  • cmu

    Oh, and I wrote the above before seeing the lovely quote by Guillermo (“Gil”) Peñalosa “I tell my friends, ‘Don’t wear spandex when you bike!’ We need to wear regular clothes so people know bikers are not crazy weirdoes!”


  • Michael

    Hmm, having lived most of my life “the rest of the world” i can’t by that “[they] do[es] not wear helmets.” and i think wearing a helmet is a wise idea. However, i agree that mandating it by law is maybe not that smart …

  • cms

    is this really the conversation we need to be having in the context of craig murphey and making NYC streets safer for cycling?

    it is pretty pathetic that even a blog full of bike enthusiasts manages to put the onus back on the cyclist in the face of a life lost.

    we are on the same side. pick a fight somewhere else.

  • d

    I would think in a slow group ride – which this was – there is less of a need to wear a helmet than if one were commuting to work or riding by one’s self, just as in Stockholm where there are separated bike lanes, fewer people feel the need to wear helmets than in NYC, where there bikes and cars share road space. Context, people, context.

  • Anonymous (you betcha)

    As a driver, may I put in a good word for spandex? It is highly visible, so I will slow down and give you wide berth. I also think it is good marketing. A bicyclist in spandex always makes me feel flabby and dull. I urge you to stop shaming those who wear it.

  • Friend of Craig


  • J

    A helmet will protect you when you’re run over by a garbage truck? Noted!

  • anon

    I ride a track bike. Wearing a helmit saved my life twice. If not for that I’d be a human vegetable.

  • Zerena ESPN Zone waitress

    This is just to the Murphey family- Mom, I went home just like you said and I googled your son. Yes it is great to know that he did wonderful things in his young life- especially in Harlem where it is very needed. I will never forget you guys in the restaurant tonight- and once again all i can say is: we never know the steps in the plan but we have to take the days and the events of life one at a time. I did not know your son- but I am sure he is shinning in the next “place” and seeking something new. I’m sure all of your love is right there with him-
    her is a wish: To brighter days!

    -Zerena ESPN Waitress


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