Today’s Headlines

  • Oil Tops $87 Per Barrel (Newsday)
  • GOP Candidates Acknowledge Climate Change (NYT)
  • Drought Records Fall From Coast to Coast (Gristmill)
  • Brit Plans for National Road Pricing on Hold (Guardian)
  • Community Board Skips Congestion Pricing Vote (Riverdale Press)
  • Bid Awarded to Study City Truck Traffic (RPI)
  • Quinn Pays Her SUV Bill (Post)
  • Port Authority Reconsiders Freight Tunnel (NYT)
  • More on DOT’s Sidewalk Direction Guides (NYT, City Room)
  • Scooters Cleared From Slope Sidewalks (Brownstoner)
  • Shops Blame Parking Meters for Drop in Business (Riverdale Press)
  • Hilary

    Re Kingbridge parking: Is it remotely possible that Big Box stores could be required to charge for parking? As we move to a no-free-parking city, how can we close this loophole, which has obvious impact on small businesses that contribute to our street life?
    Perhaps at least it could be negotiated as part of all new developments?
    Same should apply to free parking offered by doctors and dentists in high rise residential buildings.

  • Re: Kingsbridge parking…
    There’s practically no reason to drive to any of those stores that claim to be suffering due to parking. From my observation most customers walk in off the street. There are 4 subway stops along broadway and 2 bus lines.

    I don’t think the small businesses aren’t doing well because of parking…more likely that Target is drawing away customers with their lower prices.

  • Gretta

    What bunk.

    My husband and I were just talking about how we never doing any shopping on our local avenue on Sunday anymore, ever since the City Council repealed the Mayor’s Sunday parking meter initiative. We use our car to get there but since the parking meters went away it is, literally, impossible to find a parking space. Even some of the merchants in our neighborhood are clamoring for the Sunday meters to come back.

  • Dave

    I completely agree about the Sunday meters.
    By bowing to the churchgoers about Sunday parking we now have cars parked at the meters from Saturday evening to late Sunday night or Monday morning. And take a look and see how many of those cars are from New Jersey. Bring back Sunday meters to allow the turnover at the meters that will help the merchants.
    Maybe there is a way for all those traffic agents to ticket those cars that feed the meters all day? How about some chalk on the tires to force turnover?

  • The Liberal Democrats’ transport spokeswoman, Susan Kramer, accused the government of “ducking” national road pricing because of fears of a political backlash.

    “Local pricing schemes will actually end up costing the motorist more, whereas national road pricing would be offset by cuts in fuel duty and vehicle excise duty.”

    If that is the plan, then national road pricing would not decrease auto use. Reduced driving because of higher cost in congested areas would be balanced by increased driving because of lower cost in non-congested areas.

    If that is in the plan, then national road pricing also would not generate funding for alternative transportation to accommodate people in congested areas who have to drive less.

    I don’t know if this is the actual road-pricing plan that Labour had proposed, or if this is the Liberal Democrats idea of what road pricing should be. It obviously would not work in congested areas, where there would not be enough alternatives to accommodate former drivers.