Park Slope Has Its Park(ing) Day

Evicted from their Park(ing) Day spot by the 78th Precinct last month, Park Slope Neighbors (with the PD’s permission) observed the event over the weekend. StreetFilms’ new producer Elizabeth Press was there, talking to participants, passers-by and motorists who support human-oriented use of valuable public space.

There will be a Park(ing) Day celebration tonight in lower Manhattan, hosted by The Open Planning Project and Transportation Alternatives. Don’t forget to RSVP.

  • ddartley

    Why was the Precinct able to kick them out the first time? I remember discussions on Streetsblog of related laws, but I’m curious about the Precinct’s rationale in this particular case. Anyone know?

  • Eric

    It wasn’t the 78th precinct that mooved us along the first time, just one officer out on patrol who didn’t know about National Park(ing) Day and thought it looked dangerous. We chose not to make a First Amendment stand and decided to come back another (sunnier) day.

    This time around, we alerted the 78th Precinct in advance, and they couldn’t have been better about it. A sergeant even stopped by to see how we were making out.

  • Gargamel Tralfaz

    And the nicest thing was that since it started pouring rain that day (you guys attempted the Saturday AFTER PARKing Day) you ended up getting a far better and more beautiful day which helped make the video so nice.

  • Eric

    Yes, the video, and the experience. 7th Avenue was awash in people on Saturday, running errands, strolling with friends, sipping coffee – there was even a group of tween boys taking part in a scavenger hunt (I don’t think “sit on a bench in a metered parking spot” was on their list, though they did collect a signature from one of our park visitors). Many people joined us to take advantage of the park, and we received several hundred positive comments from passersby. And just two audible grumbles from passing motorists.

  • MD

    So, let’s make DOT an offer – $175 a month to let us turn the space into a park.

  • Wonderful. I found it by chance. I love the idea. I blog about life in and around a small park in Lenton, inner-city Nottingham, England. Now I’m going to promote the idea of ‘street parks’as well.

    Thanks for the inspiration.



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