Today’s Headlines

  • ‘Recreational’ Cyclists Should Stay Off Sidewalks (News)
  • Yanks’ Stadium Subsidies Go Far Beyond Parking (Voice)
  • Planners Rank Park Slope Among Top ‘Hoods in US… (News)
  • … And Harlem’s 125th as One of 10 Great Streets (News)
  • Parking at Market Rates: Waiting List for $225K Spot [Video] (IntoTheBox)
  • NJ May Raise Tolls to Pay for Bridge Upkeep (NYT)
  • South Wales Business Leaders Back Congestion Charge (icWales)
  • Toyota Joins ‘Big Three’ to Lobby Against MPG Improvements (NYT)
  • Will US Car Makers Ever Produce a Decent Hybrid? (Slate)
  • lee

    what a crappy daily news editorial.

    Aaron should write a response just by replacing “bicyclists” with “motorists.”

  • srock

    Re the Daily News Editorial: There are already laws prohibiting bicyclists from riding on the sidewalk. In fact, these laws carry a penalty of a misdemenor, a greater charge than one aquires by driving a car on the sidewalk. Perhaps more elected officials should think about why a biker occasinally risks being charged with a crime– it is preferable to being hit by a car.

  • Larry Littlefield

    (these laws carry a penalty of a misdemenor, a greater charge than one aquires by driving a car on the sidewalk.)

    What are the rules for driving a motor vehicle on the sidewalk? I do it every time I get gas, take my car to be serviced, or use an off-street parking facility.

  • lee

    NYC Traffic Rules
    Section 4-07 Restrictions on Movement
    (c) Restrictions on crossing sidewalks.
    (1) Driveways. No person shall drive within any sidewalk area except at a
    permanent or temporary driveway.
    (2) Avoiding intersections. No person shall drive across a sidewalk or upon a
    driveway in order to avoid an intersection.

    Section 4-08 Parking Restrictions
    (e) General No Stopping Zones (Stopping, standing, and parking prohibited in
    specified places). No person shall stop, stand, or park a vehicle in any of the following
    places, unless otherwise indicated by posted signs, markings or other traffic control
    devices, or at the direction of a law enforcement officer, or as otherwise provided in this
    (3) Sidewalks. On a sidewalk.

  • momos

    Streetsbloggers – EVERYBODY should take 5 minutes and write a letter to the editor responding to the Daily News’ outrageous editorial. If they get enough of a response they will publish one. I already emailed mine.

    Send Daily News Letters to the Editor here:

  • steve

    FYI, there is some apparent confusion in the law as it applies to kids. According to the Rules of the City of New York, tit. 34 sec. 34-07(b)(3)(i), kids 12 or under can ride bicycles with 26″ or smaller diameter wheels on the sidewalk. According to the NYC Administrative Code, Sec. 19-176 (a) (which also prohibits bicycling on the sidewalk), kids under 14 can bicycle on the sidewalk if the bicycle has solid tires intended for use on sidewalks. The Administrative code also allows a kid under 14 riding any bicycle on the sidewalk to beat a ticket by establishing that s/he was under 14 at the time the offense was committed.

    I’m not sure how this apparent conflict gets resolved, but at a minimum kids 12 and under can legally bicycle on the sidewalk on most smaller-wheeled bikes. Most critics of sidewalk bicycling do not know this.