Congestion Pricing Flyering

Help hand out flyers promoting congestion pricing. The more people who sign up the more ground we can cover.


Refresher: What is Congestion Pricing?

There seems to be some confusion by both friends and foes of congestion pricing as to what it actually is. "Congestion pricing" is a term of art that refers to congestion tolls, road pricing or road tolling or other road user fees. It is a concept distinct from charging for parking. The foremost expert on […]

New Pricing Poll Hits the Spin Cycle

A Quinnipiac Poll released today shows that citywide support for congestion pricing remains consistent at 57 percent — compared to 58 percent a month ago — assuming fees can be used to prevent transit fare increases. Given those conditions, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens showed majority support for pricing, with Staten Island opposed (45% in favor to […]

TSTC Asks the Obvious, Yet Elusive, Pricing Poll Question

While the results of the latest Quinnipiac congestion pricing poll were repeated with little analysis earlier this week, the Tri-State Transportation Campaign noted a significant, though not surprising, shortcoming. The Quinnipiac poll failed to link congestion pricing to the mass transit improvements it would bring. The pollsters asked this question: “The Bloomberg administration has suggested […]

Congestion Pricing News of the World

We can barely keep up with the international congestion pricing headlines these days: Mumbai, India to Charge Fees for Driving (Mumbai Newsline) Finland: Half of Helsinki Backs Congestion Charge (Newsroom Finland) New Zealand: Pricing Could Ease Traffic Jams, New Study Suggests (Scoop) Singapore: LTA to Expand Electronic Road Pricing (Channel NewsAsia) Charleston E-ZPass Bill Sets […]