Today’s Headlines

  • Fare Increase ‘Inevitable’ and, Sander Says, Essential (NYT)
  • Council Member Gentile Bashes Pricing, Transit (Brooklyn Eagle)
  • FAA Considers Pricing for Airliner Congestion (Sun)
  • Slope Civic Council Targets Fourth Ave Intersection (Brooklyn Paper)
  • BQE Gets Its Own Blog (Brooklyn Paper)
  • Queens Bot Garden Opens ‘City’s Greenest Building’ (City Room)
  • City, State Officials Reject Atlantic Yards Alternative (Brooklyn Paper)
  • Insurance Industry Near Panic Over Climate Change (WaPo)
  • Cabs to Add Stripes and Logo (AMNY)
  • Brothers Hang City Street Signs (City Room)
  • Anne

    “The Association of British Insurers has called on governments to “stem ominous weather related trends” by cutting carbon emissions. U.S.-based companies AIG and Marsh — respectively, the largest insurer and broker — have joined with other corporate leaders to urge Congress to reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions 60 to 80 percent by mid-century.”

    THAT is huge.

  • gecko

    And, cars simply won’t fit in the future:

    “Federal reluctance to commit to international agreements on climate change, or otherwise cap total carbon emissions, appears to be driven by influential businesses that fear the limitations will hurt their bottom lines. But the risk perceived by the insurance industry — the world’s largest economic sector — may shift that political balance.”