Cars Burned in Brooklyn

On the heels of conspiracy theories surrounding last week’s taxi fires, a Curbed tipster reports a rash of car burnings in Gowanus and Park Slope:

I live on Sixth St, btwn 3rd and 4th Ave, Gowanus. I came home around
midnight on Friday night…. when I went for a morning stroll on
Saturday, I came across not one but two burned out cars on Sixth St,
one on my block, the other between 4th and 5th Ave. Both cars looked
like they were fairly new. Anti-preppy terrorismo or what?

Another Park Slope incident reported on Brownstoner (also via Curbed) looks like a charred Subaru may have been collateral damage when nearby garbage bags were set aflame. And it’s possible the vehicle fires could be part of a perceived uptick in overall neighborhood vandalism and property crime, as reported on Gowanus Lounge, rather than an anti-auto (or anti-yuppie) statement.

Photo: Brownstoner


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