D.C. to Establish Bike Parking Requirements

A Washington D.C. city council member has proposed legislation that would establish bike parking requirements for residential and commercial buildings. The Washington Examiner reports:

The measure mandates that all apartment buildings with more than eight units provide one bicycle parking space for every four residential units, demands that commercial landlords deliver enough bicycle parking to match at least 10 percent of the number of available automobile spaces, and requires the installation of bicycle racks at the Wilson Building for no less than 16 riders.

"Secure and ample bike parking is certainly one of the barriers" to creating a more bicycle-friendly community, said Eric Gilliland, executive director of the Washington Area Bicyclists Association. "The more bike parking spaces, the better."

The measure’s provisions have sparked concern among commercial and residential property owners who fear the one-size-fits-all space mandates are onerous and will reduce already limited parking for vehicles, said Nicola Whiteman, vice president of government affairs with the D.C. Apartment and Office Building Association.

  • Jennifer Donlon

    This is great! I’m working on my thesis about bike parking requirements and from what I’ve found so far most legislation doesn’t require existing buildings to comply – only new or renovated construction. I am saddened that they’re considering exempting senior housing because people of all ages ride. Chicago included parking for seniors (http://www.biketraffic.org/biketraffic/BT0704/) after they saw how many bikes were at senior housing.

  • “commercial and residential property owners … fear the one-size-fits-all space mandates are onerous and will reduce already limited parking for vehicles”

    I have got news for them: bicycles are vehicles.

  • mike

    if there are legal requirements to provide vehicle parking, there should be an EQUAL requirement for bike parking. anything else is discriminatory – against those who cannot or choose not to drive. parking requirements drive up the cost of home ownership and incentivize driving to boot. if you’re gonna require car parking, damn better require bike parking too, or give people the choice of which they want and charge less for bike parking, which takes up less space.


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