Today’s Headlines

  • EPA Issues ‘Bombshell’ Newtown Creek Report (Post, Daily News, Sun, Wonkster)
  • Sadik-Khan: Repaired Manhattan Bridge ‘Has It All’ (Daily News)
  • Penn Station Developers Seek Federal Funding (Sun)
  • Subway, PATH Ridership Is Up (Gotham Gazette)
  • 100 Years of Yellow Cabs (Daily News)
  • Web Sites Promote Cab Sharing (Newsday)
  • Tornado-Damaged Sidewalks Still Damaged (Kensington Brooklyn via G.Lounge)
  • Governors Tell Carmakers to Stop Fighting Emissions Regs (Gristmill)
  • Higher US Gas Prices Would Trim Waistlines (Reuters)
  • Montreal Says ‘Non’ to Apple Parking Meter Offer (Gazette)
  • Car Blog Notices That, Outside Frankfurt Auto Show, It’s All Bikes (Jalopnik)
  • greg

    really stupid move by Montreal

    I hope more businesses would offer the same here in NYC…nice “backdoor” way of traffic calming

  • John Hunka

    Thanks for posting the story about the oil spill at Newtown Creek. In a sense, New York’s rivers are thoroughfares connecting the five boroughs through ferry service. Thus, our waterways ought to be covered by Streetsblog.

  • steve

    Yes, I lived in LIC for years and this is the first time I’ve heard that the spill might have been larger than the Exxon Valdiz!

    Manhattan Bridge: 2+ HOV is inadequate and merely creates a lane for liveries and taxicabs. It should be 3+.

  • Ace

    Going over the Manhattan Bridge is the favorite part of my daily subway commute. It is also my favorite bridge to walk over especially now that bicycles and pedestrians have their own exclusive sides.

    Let’s all remember that pedestrians only on the downtown side and bicycles only on the uptown side.

  • Brooklyn

    Re: Newtown Creek. I was in San Diego recently and made another dinner guest turn nauseous with the stats from the oil spill after she mentioned her cousin just moved to an apartment in Greenpoint.

    New York City is full of such fun facts. Take the Superfund site that will be the new Whole Foods in Park Slope/Gowanus. Imagine how good those organic fruits and vegetables are going to taste having marinaded in benzene and toluene fumes before you bought them!

  • John Hunka

    Re: Newtown Creek

    The Daily News article states, “Reps. Anthony Weiner and Nydia Velazquez (both D-Brooklyn), who commissioned the report, said more health studies must now be done.”

    This is the kind of response from politicians that makes me angry. There is no need for more studies. We already know what the problem is. Instead, Weiner and Velazquez should be mobilizing the EPA and getting emergency funding from the federal government to speed up the clean up, which is proceeding at a snail’s pace.

  • Crazy

    [3] I believe that cabs and liveries are allowed on BQE’s HOV lane as long as they have a passenger(one is enough), so the 3+ rule doesn’t really concern them.
    Don’t get me wrong. I have the same opinion as you, Manhattan bridge HOV should be 3+.

    [4] Yes, there is always a couple of pedestrians and bikers that seemed to be confused, or just doing it because of their convenience, and end up on the wrong path.

  • Dave H.

    This is interesting. Imagine if the same could be done in NY:

    “The D.C. Council next week is expected to adopt legislation that could dramatically increase the number of parking spaces for bicyclists, a bill praised by the cycling community but criticized by property owners as oppressive overkill.

    The measure mandates that all apartment buildings with more than eight units provide one bicycle parking space for every four residential units, demands that commercial landlords deliver enough bicycle parking to match at least 10 percent of the number of available automobile spaces, and requires the installation of bicycle racks at the Wilson Building for no less than 16 riders.”