A Streets Renaissance in Lower Manhattan

Last weekend the New York Times published a nice piece about a resurgence in downtown Manhattan street life.

Optimism abounds now among developers and merchants, who are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into real estate along the narrow streets of Lower Manhattan. They are counting on the district, in its next incarnation, to be not just a collection of office towers and trading floors, but also a self-sustaining residential neighborhood that will appeal to families.

Office space, now in short supply, is renting for more than it did before 9/11. Over the next several years, around 14 million square feet of commercial space is scheduled to be built, replacing the offices and stores destroyed on 9/11, according to data compiled by Cushman & Wakefield, a large real estate brokerage.

515548861_82e7788c24.jpgWith new retail, restaurants and even schools opening up, businesses are enjoying an influx of mostly well-to-do customers who are drawn to areas like Stone Street, which has been transformed from "a trash-filled alley" to "one of the liveliest social scenes in Manhattan, a slice of South Beach tucked into the financial district — minus the palm trees and bikinis."

As pointed out by the Times and noted on Gristmill, the Lower Manhattan renaissance has been aided by $6 billion in tax exempt federal bonds (and though no parking garages are mentioned, the Times piece does refer to a new BMW dealership).

Car lots aside, encouraging as the downtown revival may be, some lament that housing costs are climbing out of reach, as the median downtown household income has risen to $165,000. While a typically gloves-off debate on the ethics of "FiDi" development unfolds over at Curbed, a Gristmill commenter wonders what impact a redeveloped World Trade Center site will have on downtown as a functional neighborhood:

I don’t think it’s time for urban advocates to be declaring victory and resting on their laurels. The rebuilt WTC won’t be any better than the Avenue of the Americas in terms of walkability; the blank glassy facades, superblocks and windswept plazas of the original WTC will live on in the new plan. The base of the Freedom Tower in particular will be as deadening to street life as any suburban self-storage warehouse.

Photo: drocpsu/Flickr

  • I work downtown and I would say half of our junior staff lives within walking distance of the office. All they wanted when they were looking for a place to live was “How Close?”

    Will they raise families there? I dunno. But it’s a fun place to live, work and play. And it’s close to pretty much every major Subway line that comes through Manhattan – 12345ACQRW – which are all within spitting distance of Stone Street.

  • Hilary

    It’s also the city’s water transport hub – ringed by Waterway ferries, water taxis, and the Staten Island ferry. Oh, and you forgot the Path, which brings thousands over from New Jersey. And it’s the origin/terminus of both the Hudson River Greenway and soon the East River Greenway.

    In short, I would say it’s pretty close to perfect with one exception — the West Side Highway seems to be getting wider and worser by the day. Should have been buried!

  • Agreed Hilary – they need more points to cross over, especially as there is a tremendous amount of construction going all over the place.

  • Hilary

    Glen, “More points to cross over” are not needed. The ones that exist are rarely used (even at Chambers Street, where it leads into the main floor of Stuyvesant High School.) The lesson is that people prefer to cross even 6-lane highways at grade rather than mount tall stairs or wait for elevators. That’s why the best way to link two sides of a highway is to sink the road, if not buried completely at least partially so that pedestrians can cross a gentle bridge (the parkway ideal). Lower Manhattan was offered a chance to declined the offer to bury the West Side Highway. It was, I believe, shortsighted. The Shore Parkway bridges are about to be raised higher, I suspect, which will further sever the waterfront from the upland park and neighborhood.

  • steve

    Hilary, rejecting Westway was shortsighted? What about the environmental impact of landfilling miles of Hudson shoreline?

  • bill

    steve, i believe hilary was referring to the post-9/11 proposal to sink a few blocks of the west side highway near ground zero, not westway.

  • Wm Bailey Scott

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  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    I have to disagree with Hilary on the subject of West Street below Chambers. There’s no reason to have that many lanes of traffic there, and a tunnel – or sinking the road – would have made it permanent. A sunken version of West Street would look more like the Cross-Bronx Expressway than the Bronx River Parkway.

    Eventually that road should be calmed to four lanes maximum. In the meantime I’m glad we didn’t get a permanent eight-lane feeder.

  • Hilary

    I saw burying lower West Street as an extension of the Battery Park Tunnel, which the West Side Highway is already a feeder for. As for the Cross Bronx Expressway, it is fortunate that it is depressed because it can be easily decked with parks, buildings, a greenway. This facilitates the capture of both water and emissions. I wouldn’t hold out hope that surface 8-lane expressways will be easily shrunk. Look at the role they are to play in the ongestion pricing plan.

  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    Can someone explain to me what’s going on with Nassau Street? I’d always thought of it as a pedestrian-only zone, with exceptions for cars making deliveries. But for the past several weeks I’ve seen cars driving through it and parking at the curb like it was a normal street.

    It occurred to me that maybe this had to do with the WTC construction, and that cars are being diverted there because they can’t drive on Church Street. But I haven’t found any confirmation of this. As far as I can tell, the DOT just decided to open it up to cars, and the Downtown Allience didn’t object. If anyone has more information, please let me know.


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