Today’s Headlines

  • Quinn Holds Council Congestion Pricing Briefing (Daily Politics)
  • Pricing Is Latest Bloomberg ‘Policy Transfer’ (Policy Innovations)
  • Cabbies Accused of Gouging, Strike Impact Disputed (Post, AMNY, Daily News)
  • Infant, 10-Year-Old Hit by Livery Cab; No Charges Filed (WCBS)
  • Mixed-Use Development Replacing Parking Decks (Sun)
  • ‘Green’ Condo Complex Features Parking, Prius Rentals (Uptown Flavor via)
  • Judges Still Parking in Brooklyn Park (Daily News)
  • More Bike Parking in Williamsburg (Curbed)
  • Markowitz Allots $475K to Keep ‘Fake’ Trolley Going (Brooklyn Paper)
  • Shocker: Central Park Carriage Horses Mistreated (Gothamist)
  • Repeat Cyclist Killer Charged With Murder (WKRG)
  • California Heat Kills Over 20 (NYT)
  • Towns Rally Against New Flight Path Plans (NYT)
  • The Farm Bill: Apple vs. Snack Cake (YouTube)
  • mike

    This whole illegal parking thing by judges perplexes me. It’s illegal. Why aren’t their cars just towed? Tow them every day until they get the message – you are not above the law, and you should either walk, bike or take public transportation.

  • Hilary

    Re parking in parks: NY4P (or someone more aggressive) should go after this on the grounds of alienation of parkland, which requires approval by the state legislature. It seems the Parks dept. often makes “swaps” of land for services, like paving a path. But how legal is this? The now-wonderful park at Canal St. and the West Side Highway was a parking lot for sanitation trucks for decades after Robert Moses did just a swap. A persistent neighbor sued, and won back the park for the neighborhood.

  • JF

    Mike, my guess is that the cops won’t ticket or tow a judge for fear that the next time that cop is in court, that judge (or one of their friends) will be unsympathetic to the cop’s case.

    It’s still idiotic. These judges usually don’t need to drive anywhere as part of their official duties, and if they did need to go do some discovery I’m sure the city would pay for a car and driver. These are commuting vehicles; let them take the subway.

    Incidentally, I wonder how many of those judges live less than a fifteen minute walk from the courthouse.

  • JF

    Speaking of alienation of parkland, I think this travesty is still going on:

  • dood

    not only these cars owned by judges are not towed, but there is also a cop or a court officer waking around this “parking lot” and making sure that no one an authorized will get too close to the cars, or try to park there.

  • Shoot a photo of the parking attendant to, dood, would you?

  • dood

    Let met bring my camera on Monday, and I’ll see what I can do.