Today’s Headlines

  • Outer Boro Council Members Say Pricing Commission "a Sham" (Gotham Gazette)
  • Fidler Rips Quinn Over Pricing, Discusses His Parking Permit (Daily Politics)
  • Obama Misfires With $3/Gallon Line at Brooklyn Rally (Gothamist)
  • No Staten Islanders on Pricing Panel? Add a Blogger (Advance)
  • Georgia Legislature Debates Whether Climate Change is Real (Grist)
  • Rival Drivers Groups Disagree on Likelihood of Taxi Strike (NYT)
  • A Twisted Ankle in the Bronx and a Call for Road Repaving (News)
  • Barwick: Penn Station is Most Important Transportation Project (Gothamist)
  • What’s Up With Abandoned Brooklyn Playground? (Brownstoner)
  • Seattle Struggles to Fund Sidewalks (Planetizen)
  • Obama! What are you doing? But honestly do any of the democratic candidates have a better take on energy issues? The only candidate with an aggressive energy plan seems to be Bill Richardson, and nobody knows who he is.

  • Steve

    Also of interest: “LIPA Chairman Advises a ‘No’ on Offshore Windmills”

    I know there were environmental issues that had to be worked out, but it would be really neat to get wind power offshore. I’d much sooner drop a billion on making that plan feasible than on making Iraq safe for the oil companies. When you add in the cost of the war, makes the price of oil seem much less competitive, doesn’t it? Oh wait–I forgot! We’re fighting that war because of “WMDs” . . . what does that stand for again?

  • psycholist

    Obama’s comment just shows the uphill battle to get people to use alternative forms of transportation. Granted, public transit isn’t feasible everywhere but there’s absolutely no reason that cities shouldn’t be making major pushes to reduce the amount of private cars and increase public transit options.

    I believe that WMD stands for We – Must – Drive

  • jmc

    Obama takes a ton of contributions from the coal industry and also is heavily influenced by the ethanol industry, so don’t expect him for progressive policy in energy, transportation, or urban development.