DOT Seeks Assistant Commissioner for Congestion Pricing

Here’s a job listing you’re not going to find on Craigslist Westchester or in the Queens Tribune: The New York City Department of Transportation’s new Office of Planning and Sustainability is (or was) looking for an Assistant Commissioner for Congestion Pricing. 

Salary: $130,000 to $150,000. No word on whether you get a government-issued parking placard but I’m guessing not.

  • gecko

    While a position for a congestion pricing assistant commissioner is good the real breath-through will come with a position for human-powered and advanced design and development and suitable financing by private sources if too radical an idea for city government coffers.

    Congestion pricing starts the ball rolling with seed money and public buy-in but there’s not thirty years available to decide how to meet the climate change crisis head-on.

    Focus on an as yet untapped huge reservoir of human energy and disruptive innovation is one direction to take.

  • Spud Spudly

    I’ll bet that position does indeed come with a DOT car and a parking permit. After all, the new Asst Commissioner is going to have to scout out all those locations where the CP infrastructure would be located, right?

  • Steve

    Driving around all day to scout up camera sites seems like a waste of time for a 150K/yr ass’t commissioner to me. That’s near the top of the DoT pay scale, for sure.

  • fdr

    There’s also a job notice for “Director of Transit Planning” at 80 to 100K a year. Maybe that’s the person who drives around looking for camera sites. Between these two new positions, Schaller, Orcutt, Wiley-Schwartz, Feuer and Simons, they’ve committed about $700K for salaries. And there are probably lower level jobs still to come. Does this all come out of the Fed funding?


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