Incredible SFPD Training Video: “Bikes Belong in Traffic”

This training video was a collaboration between the San Francisco Police Department and the SF Bicycle Coalition. The video is intended to increase police officers’ awareness of cyclists’ rights and responsibilities, and it is really effective. Here in New York, cyclists who complain of motorist intimidation and assault are often brushed off by the police. Perhaps the NYPD needs an instructional video like this one to help them understand the laws that relate to bicycling.

  • Yep, a good video. They did a good job on this.

  • Dave

    Need to work on spelling, but otherwise good!

  • Dooring is NOT the most common cause of bicycle crashes with motor vehicles. The most common crash type is the left-turning motor vehicle clipping the bicycle going in the opposite direction.

    Otherwise, nice try, SFPD! Refer to John Forester’s Effective Cycling.

  • mfs

    I’m laughing at the training video style acting, but it’s pretty good info.

  • I’m anxiously awaiting Clarence’s remake for the NYPD.

  • foggin

    Yeah, the style acting is a bit much and I was trying to figure out how NYPD cops would take watching something like this seriously. But, in fact, the outtake blooper at the end helps to humanize it for them and I think makes it easier for their colleagues to appreciate it when watching.

  • ddartley

    Hm. Even SFPD spells “hazard” with two z’s, like the fictitious county!

  • ddartley

    Okay, now that I’ve watched the whole thing, I marvel at how the video suggests that the attitudes by SF cops and NY cops towards cyclists seem worlds apart. I’ve never been there, but I know that in my limited experience of seeing NYPD cops deal with cyclists, I’ve seen far more indifference than respect.

  • jqb

    “Dooring is NOT the most common cause of bicycle crashes with motor vehicles. The most common crash type is the left-turning motor vehicle clipping the bicycle going in the opposite direction.”

    I’ve been doored once and would have been doored on at least a dozen occasions if I had been in the door zone, and I have been hit once by a right-turning vehicle and nearly hit another half-dozen times, but have never been anywhere near hit but a left-turning vehicle or ever seen or heard of such a thing.

  • tps12

    Wow, three out of three bad drivers are women. Good to know.

    I imagine whether being doored or getting cut off by a left-turning car is the most common type of car-on-bike crash depends on the area in question. In urban areas with lots of one-way streets and parallel parking, I bet dooring is more frequent.


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